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I bit off more than I could chew. Join me this summer in my Creative Engineering class!!
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More info about my Creative Engineering Course-
This class is a hands-on, 30-day learning experience that will teach you how to use engineering and science to bring your creative ideas to life.
During this class, I'm going to share with you my entire creative engineering process from start to finish. You're going to follow along with me as I fully design and engineer 3 brand new builds from scratch... from how I come up with the idea, all the way through bringing the final builds to life.
The best part is, over the month, you'll follow along with me and my process, side by side, and you will leave the class with 3 original, creative builds of your own.
This is the class I wish I had when I was starting out. It's designed to take your skills to make cool stuff to the next level, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced maker/engineer.
The class officially starts on June 7th so claim your spot if you're interested!
See you in class!

This is a bird feeder, and everything you see surrounding me in my yard is an attempt to protect it from four thieving squirrels if they want the birdseed and the lifetime supply of walnuts in this bank fault, they'll first need to pass through my nine part. Obstacle course, by design it's extremely challenging, it's meant to test their mental limits and their physical limits. I held back no punches, but i have to admit in hindsight i once again completely underestimated my adversary and truthfully. I never thought i'd be that crazy guy in the neighborhood obsessing over the squirrels, but they started it first when they would constantly pillage the birdseed from any bird feeder.

I would put up about a year ago that led to me defending it with an obstacle course, which they handily defeated, and so after a year of ruminating on how to avenge that l with a majorly, improved version and then two months of planning. My buddy john and i got together for a 20-second, build montage. Here are the basic elements for starters: here's their favorite bird feeder at the end of the course and it's sitting, atop fort nuts, the most secure walnut vault in the western united states. Now, since birds can fly, they can come and go as they please and eat all the food they want, but the only way for the squirrels to make it right here is by surviving my nine part, grueling obstacle course, which all starts right here.

Climbing up this pool to this platform is the single gateway to enter the course every other pool you see, has some kind of countermeasure to keep the squirrel from just climbing up and then entering the course halfway through, and so the first challenge is this casino, which May seem like an odd choice until you realize that, as we were building the course, we also built them some cozy little squirrel houses, so we put them up in a couple different trees and after a few days it looked like they'd actually made some renovations. So i went to take a closer look and sure enough: here's the before and here's the after even on the inside. They made some questionable decor updates. So while it might look like they were just using the houses to relax or stretch or look out the window or like um wrestle the satellite communications gear and the tactical mission planning and the mini vault to practice, cracking a safe hold a completely different story.

This gang of four high-end professional bird seat thieves were secretly planning to pull off an honest to goodness mission, impossible, ocean's, 11 style mega walnut heist, which is why i was going to protect the birdseed and walnut vault with the most state-of-the-art security measures. Just like the casino did in ocean's 11. so once in the casino you'll, see the slot machine and the classic vegas buffet, but with a warning, take more than an ounce and you're gon na have to deal with security. Now that i got the squirrels on the run, they'll naturally want to jump to this bar, but there's a twist like it actually twists, which i think is gon na give them some problems, but if they can figure this out, they'll jump into this crate and the Good news is that it's filled to the brim with their favorite food, which is walnuts, and i know this because i tested a bunch of different options and they always went with the walnuts first.

But the bad news is that, once you add a little weight to the system, the helicopter starts moving, just like the helicopter for mission impossible. Oh and we've got a baffle here at the top to stop a squirrel from just crawling along the wire from the fence. The helicopter stops next to this wall, which seems simple enough, except that the bricks randomly move and adjust themselves in and out and of course, at any time if they fall off, they got ta, go back and start over the whole course from the beginning. After that, we come to their hideout, and this is when they'll switch from defense to offense, because it's where they hang out and plan, you can see it's sort of messy with their tools and their blueprints on the wall that show if they open the floor on The elevator, the elevator shaft, leads them underground and into the sewers.

Then, if they crawl through the sewers, it will take them right to the control center for a second room that might look familiar and just like in mission impossible. Their goal is to go up through the ceiling to access the air vents, but there's no way to make it up there unless they type the password into the keyboard in the control room. Next door like this and at that point they can climb the ladder and they're in the vents and the vents are a total maze. There's lots of different twists and turns they'll need to navigate up here.

So at any moment, if they're too lost, they can always exit the whole course by using the one-way squirrel emergency exits, which also exists for any enclosed room on the whole course and for the penultimate challenge. It's back down from the air ducts through this laser maze, where they'll have to harness their inner catherine zeta jones if they sufficiently touch any of the lasers. The metal base contacts and completes the circuit, which sends a signal from this microcontroller to a relay to a solenoid which causes this pneumatic piston to fire, which slams this door shut for one minute and because i'm basically, certain they'll, try and get to this point by Climbing from the roof on top of this tube i've placed a shield here with another enforcement squirrel to try and deter them. So, finally, if they made it through, the laser maze and everything that came before it, they've made it to fort nuts and as far as i'm concerned, if they crack the safe.

By giving this handle a little turn, they've earned every last walnut in this bank. After the course was set up, they could definitely smell the walnuts in the vault, and then you could see them sort of working things out from the fence line, and so, after two months of prep work, it was time to test our extensive security measures against this. Formidable set of 500 gram rodents, but before we do that, i just want to mention if you've always thought it would be cool to be able to build something like a squirrel obstacle. Course, yourself and i've got incredible news, because a few times a year, i teach a month-long creative engineering course and enrollment for the summer session is open for a short window right now.

This class covers my entire engineering design process. I'll show you every step over the course of a month. You're going to watch me design and create three builds from scratch, but the best part is i'm gon na guide you through finishing three creative builds of your own, so whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced engineer. The class has been designed to meet you wherever you're at and then level up your skills so go to markrover or use the link in the video description and then sign up and let's hang out making some cool stuff this summer.

Now, let's see some squirrels and right out of the gate, we got him with the buffet and, as he sticks his entire face under the sneeze guard absentmindedly reading the sign you can see the exact moment he realizes he might have screwed up and the slow-mo shows Rick, just really laying himself out, oh by the way, that's rick, all four squirrels have names and, more importantly, like any crew looking to pull off a heist. They all have specific roles to play, starting with everyone's favorite fat gus. Who, of course, is the mastermind of this operation on a heist? This is the role of the frank ocean or an ethan hunt. Now i just have to say for those who aren't familiar last year, i named one of the squirrels fat gus because he loved to eat and was a little on the hefty side, but then halfway through, i noticed he had nipples, which it turns out means he Was actually a girl and a pregnant one at that, so it was just a whole pr disaster and i switched the name to fantastic gus and rephrased a few other things, but to be honest, fantastic gus just doesn't roll off the tongue like fat gus.

So i asked permission to use my preferred phrasing and, as you can see, i got full consent. Next up is rick, he's the acrobat, the grease man, the gutsy one he's the go-to for any task. That is going to require some athletic abilities and then we've got marty, he's the hacker anything with computers or bank safes and he's your guy. But while he's really smart, he also scares pretty easy and finally, we've got frank with logistics.

A good heist starts with a good plan. He's got the whole course memorized and he's mapped it out and provided blueprints for the team and so back to the course. We've got marty the hacker here who again is a bit skittish, so you can see he's coming in pretty cautious, but who can resist a buffet once again, the real magic is found in the slow-mo. Eventually they realized security was just too tight at this casino and rick goes straight to the twist bar excellent.

Here's try two and with some motivation for the bird he's like i got this, i got this. I got this. I don't think i got this the real time replay on this. One is great too, and at this point, fat gus is like i'm gon na need that crate of walnuts.

Let me show you how it's done, which turns out somewhat predictably, now really frustrated. Acrobat daredevil rick tries a totally different route, but you've got to admire that effort. Logistics. Man, frank knows: the wire connected to the fence leads to the helicopter crate, so he tries sneaking in the back door and is also forced to retreat and finally, marty the hacker realizes if you're just scared - and you run real fast - the bar doesn't have time to Spin on you and you can see rick just replicating the strategy so after about two days, all of them could cruise through the first part of this course about this fast and fort nuts was already feeling less and less secure.

That gus is like wait. Is this thing moving, i'm good here, rick hypothesizes, if he doesn't sit in the crate, it won't move, and here he rejects that hypothesis with a legendary leap, and now is a good time to remind ourselves that squirrels are one of the few mammals that can survive A fall from any height because, as you can see here, they make their body super flat to increase, drag effectively becoming their own parachute. But just in case you, okay, rick, yep, all good and marty. The hacker fraidy cat is just like yeah, i'm super not down with this.

Eventually, it's the fearless leader, fat gus, who demonstrates the ride, is definitely worth it and soon you've got frank and the rest of the gang following suit, which leads us to the wall of a thousand moving bricks, and, first up, you got fat gus who kicks things Right off with a pull of his parachute and rick, just barely misses. Skittish marty gets one taste of a moving brick and absolutely eats himself into this tree, and while there were plenty of instances where a moving brick did dump the squirrels causing them to start over from the beginning, what was even better was marty psyching himself out in The anticipation that a brick might move, even though the wall wasn't powered on for any of these clips and thanks in part to the dutiful supervision of fat gus, eventually, like all the other challenges so far, they got it down to a science where they could cruise By the wall fairly quickly and now's, a good time to mention the squirrels weren't, the only ones attempting the course this is splinter the rat - and here he is with one of his buddies. He liked to make the rounds to all the houses each night, which sometimes were vacant and sometimes they weren't. There goes frank to chase him off his lawn and you might have noticed the stuff in the house.

The squirrels would gather nesting materials from various sources or somewhat hilariously, just steal from each other. Here's a bonus, santa claus impression for all the fat gus fans out there so from splinter and his buddies to not at all creepy possums, there's a surprisingly constant variety of wildlife that passes through a suburban backyard, including a dumb dog who, for some reason, is much Less interested in squirrels than he is my camera gear, which is a lovely segway, a back to the squirrel hideout, where the heist was really just picking up steam. So and after hacker marty had accessed the computer and lowered the ladder, fat gus followed behind and joined him in the vents. But in the process a critical tool dropped down which led to a lovely recreation of an iconic scene and as a side note, they figured out the exit door pretty quickly and they functioned as a one-way door.

Exactly as intended, and now with the vents. It was frank's time to shine. You can see here he's just double checking the actual air duct layouts to make sure they match the blueprints, he's memorized and once he's satisfied, he steps up and, as you can see, he nails it first try. You can just sense.

His confidence here contrast that, with marty who's like all right, i think it was a right. No straight. Oh, was it crap i got ta go check the map again and, as a result, most of his runs would end up looking something like this. So here's frank coaching him from the outside and you can see marty's a little defensive about it.

So frank hops in so they can work out their differences and then with a little encouragement. He gets them going down the right way. All the while fat gus continues to supervise focus marty. There you go which brings us to the laser maze, here's acrobat rick's first approach and he's like yeah, that's us and just as expected, he climbs on top of the tube and he's like yeah.

I totally got this when in fact he didn't have it in real time. It happens so fast. It just looks like chaos, but if we slow down this second attempt, we can remind ourselves of how squirrels have mastered the laws of physics to always land on their feet. Did you catch it? The first is the locking of the head on a landing target in less than 300 milliseconds.

If you go back and watch any jump from this video that locking of their head is the first thing they always do, and the second is using conservation of angular momentum. Like an ice skater to pull their arms and legs in and out at the right times to rotate fast and then hold in the right orientation, combine those two tricks with the flat body parachute and extending their legs at the last minute to absorb the shock. And they are perfectly adapted for living high in the trees. In fact, squirrels have been around for over 30 million years and they've had to evolve relatively little in all that time.

So then rick's like fine i'll use the stupid tube like a normal squirrel. What is this see? I knew this was suss and here's frank who just watched what happened and therefore is appropriately cautious, but he hops right back on the saddle and this time he nails it and in the end it feels appropriate that the mastermind fat gus was the first one to Make it successfully through the laser maze and then to subsequently make it to fort nuts? I mean how fat gus is this falling, not just for one decoy nut, but for both of them, which paves the way for marty, the hacker to be the one to crack? The safe and, as you can see here, he's pretty stoked about it. First, he just checks it out like yep, yep yep. This is just like the schematic showed and then the big moment once the safe open these cargo nets unfurled which just allowed better access to their loot, but, interestingly, more often than not after getting a walnut instead of jumping off, they would go all the way back Through the course, here's jumpy marty exhibiting some real ptsd, even though i'd already turned off the whole system.

So once again the squirrels took the w, but as far as i'm concerned, they earned it, and i can't complain with how things turned out, because rick buried all his extra nuts in the yard, marty and frank made up and rekindled their friendship and fat gus got Some long sock quality time with the bird feeder, so everyone was happy well almost everyone. This is a mechanism that can feed your dog with a pull of a lever, and this is a contraption that measures the soil, moisture level and then gives your plants a voice. Hey, i need a little water over here, that's delicious! Thank you. This is a machine that measures how long you've been sitting and then annoys the crud out of you till you take a stretch break.

This is a contraption that could draw anything on a whiteboard, and this is a secret safe for your most valuable possessions. And finally, this is a g dang, lunchables assembly line. Are you kidding me and what do all of those have in common? They were created by people who took my month-long creative engineering course. I just launched this class for the first time a few months ago and it was so freaking rewarding to see what everybody learned and created as a result for the most part, and because we got so much overwhelmingly positive feedback on the course we're doing it again.

You could sign up for it now. This class covers my full engineering design process, all the way from how i come up with an idea to prototyping to finalizing the build and giving it character. I show you everything that i'm thinking everything that i'm doing, and i do it three times over the course of a month. You're gon na watch me design and create three totally original builds and i'm gon na guide you through finishing three creative builds of your own, and this is an online class.

So you can take it from anywhere and work it around your schedule, but it's fully immersive and intensive, so whether you're, a working, professional or you're, taking the class as a family, whether you're a complete, beginner or an experienced engineer. This class has been designed to meet you where you're at and then level up your skills so go to, mark grover or use the link in the video description to see what other people had to say about their experience and then enroll and i'll see you In class you.

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