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Here is the Glo Germ powder I used (not sponsored). This would make for a great science object lesson-
Tools on my bench from Carlyle-

I've always thought if we could somehow just see the germs around us, everyone would be a lot more careful and we get sick way less. Unfortunately, that's still not possible, so i did the next best thing by running a day-long experiment in this third grade classroom. I found this powder called glow, germ and just like real germs. When it's on your hands, you can't see it, but unlike real germs, if you turn a black light on, it becomes visible, but it transfers to things you've touched.

So it provides a really good way to visualize exactly how germs spread. So before the kids arrived as a control, i went around and noted any pre-existing spots in the room that fluoresced under the blacklight and then it was go time. The kids, of course, had no idea what we were doing and that the teacher had been secretly infected with the glowing powder. So she randomly shook the hands of three kids, but didn't touch any of the rest, and so with that they just went about their normal day at break.

I did choose one random student and he agreed to letting me put some of the powder on his hands too and then two hours later at lunch time, i checked the results. Remember everything you see here started with just the teacher and one student having a little of that powder on their hands and because my flashlight can only illuminate one spot at a time i use photoshop to better visualize our observations of where germs were left behind, including On the other, kids they're pretty hot, oh right here, and they were actually pretty diligent about washing their hands. This was the desk of the kid that was infected and, what's crazy is that germs could live on a hard surface like this for up to nine days, and so you can see how important it is to disinfect the things a sick person regularly touches. For example, this was the phone of the teacher in the experiment, even if you wash your hands really often, if you immediately pull out your phone, a lot of those germs just go right back on your hands.

Think about when the last time was that you cleaned your phone. My friend joanne at the wall street journal recently demonstrated you can clean your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe every day for at least a year, and it doesn't affect the oleophobic coating at all. And this hopefully gives you a better mental model of why it's really important to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after being at places like this or this or this or this cleaning commonly touched surfaces is important because even if a virus is spread through airborne Transmission, those tiny droplets - don't stay in the air for long, then they land on surfaces waiting to be touched by our hands, which raises an important point. The ultimate defense against catching a virus is just don't touch your face.

Your eyes, nose and mouth are like the single weak spot on the death star when it comes to viruses, that's the only way they can get in to infect you, but, as you can see here, not touching your face is easier said than done and before you Think yeah! Well, that's just kids for you! This is what the teacher's face looked like at the end of the day, and she said she tried extra hard to remember not to touch her face. I found this result fascinating. So i put the powder on my own hands for a few hours and i resisted the urge to touch my face so many times that i fully expected. I was going to have a perfectly clean face and the moral high ground, and then this is what i saw what the heck.

I genuinely have no idea when any of this came on until i reviewed the footage, oh well, there you go on average. We touch our face 16 times an hour, which is why washing hands is so important. It's impossible to catch a virus directly through your hands, it's as futile as shooting the outer surface of the death star. The problem is, we use our hands to help the virus out by constantly giving it a ride to our figurative death star exhaust ports.

Because of this i ran another experiment with some of the kids after lunch. First, i had them put some lotion on their hands that also glows under a black light, but then i told them. I made a mistake and used the wrong lotion. Can you guys just wash go wash your hands real, quick and do a good washing right? Yeah? Do the right washing okay, i just tricked you guys again, because what i really wanted to do is test how good you are at washing your hands.

So guess what i'm gon na do now show me your hands, but before i show you how effective they actually were at washing their hands, here's what you should quickly know about viruses. They are super tiny, but also the most abundant biological entity on the planet. In fact, there's over 10 million viruses in any single drop of seawater and a lot of types of viruses are beneficial to the planet's ecosystem and only an insanely tiny percentage affect humans at all and they're. Really simple.

Viruses are basically a shell with some dna inside and they just want to spread and duplicate. That's their only goal, but they're so simple that they need a host to do that, so they reproduce by infecting their host cells and then trick them to become factories. That just make more exact copies of the virus when you get sick and then cough or sneeze, or wipe your nose and then touch a surface you're. Putting copies of this virus out to find other hosts and just repeat the process, and so here's what the kids hands look like after washing their hands, uh-oh look at the backs.

Let me see your fingernails. Oh look at all those germs. Oh your thumb! Oh, my god, oh look at your wrists. Look at your wrists.

We all sort of have a habitual way of washing our hands. So once again i tried this myself using the typical quick way. I do it in my muscle memory granted that's better than nothing, but you could see the difference compared to when i was deliberate and took 20 seconds, which is why it helps to do things like sing the happy birthday song twice or you could do what i Do and follow brandon flower's example turn insane and then for a final experiment. I wanted to show how dumb handshaking is, so i infected the first kid with the powder and then had them do a handshake chain down the line.

The fifth person here still had significant traces on their hand, so i put him at the first and lined four more kids up after him and three of their hands glowed. So we got trace germs from the original person all the way down. Eight handshakes later. So if you ever meet me in real life, please don't be offended if, in lieu of a handshake, i offer you a fist bump and a selfie.

In conclusion, what does this all mean with regards to the coronavirus, kova 19.? You should be concerned to take this seriously, but regardless of what you see in the coming weeks, there's absolutely no need to panic, as i'm sure, you've heard a bunch by now. Our goal is to flatten the curve, so that reported cases stay just under the capacity of the healthcare system and social distancing is the best knob that we can turn to affect that. The reason this helps should hopefully make more sense after watching this video, especially for those who have been doubting the science and feeling like this is an extreme reaction, and my take here is i'm a practical optimist. The upside is while this virus is bad, it could be way worse, and this gives us a chance as a global community, to get some systems and methods in place to handle something potentially even more drastic in the future.

Also, maybe it will lead to changing some social norms like replacing handshakes with fist bumps or when people are really sick. Thinking, it's okay to mingle about and go to work globally. The normal flu kills anywhere from a quarter to a half a million people a year due in large part to people not practicing good germ hygiene. So if this experience makes people more socially aware of the right precautions to take when they get sick, that will save countless lives for years to come long after this coronavirus is old news.

I make no mistake. This is going to be rough for some more than others, but history has shown that us humans are pretty resilient. These types of things can bring out the worst in us, but they can also bring up the best most wholesome parts of us, like these italians, practicing their social distancing with an impromptu balcony concert. How we feel about the situation is largely dependent on, just which part we choose to focus on.

For me, that means being grateful to the heroes in our healthcare system or the school lunch. Ladies still providing free lunch for kids who depend on them or the scientists. All over the world who are working tirelessly seven days a week to create better testing methods in a vaccine. There's gon na be a bumpy ride for us, but the economy will eventually bounce back as it always does and we'll be better off as a global community.

For having gone through this again take this seriously, but there's absolutely no need to panic. We totally got this. You.

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    I remember hearing that during the Spanish flu pandemic it was the wealthier people that had the worse go if it. The thought was because they had professionally cleaned homes and most their life was lived in a pretty clean environment. Because of that they did not have a very strong immune system. Maybe this experiment showed us we should allow this to happen and build stronger immune systems to help us with the next pandemic.

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