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My Field Goal Kicking Robot v. the NFL longest field goal record holder Matt Prater.
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This is matt prater he's the place kicker for the detroit lions. He holds the nfl record for the longest field goal ever, which means he's really good at kicking footballs, and this is a robot i made which not to brag is also really good at kicking footballs. So to settle who's better between the two of us, we're going straight to detroit monoi mono man versus machine, but to do that, i'm gon na need an eight second travel montage. I arrived an hour before him to get the full nfl experience, and so i could soak up the fact that i had an entire stadium just to myself in the most professional way possible.

We just got word matt is about 10 minutes out. He thinks he's coming here, just to teach me all about, like the kicking, mechanics and the science behind kicking field goals, which is partially true. I am curious, but the real reason i'm here is: i built a machine. I could kick really far field goals.

I think it can kick it farther than any human, but if i'm really gon na test that hypothesis, i need to be kicking against the one human that can kick field goals the farthest and that happens to be matt prater. Originally a guy named tom dempsey, who had a unique kicking foot, held the record with a 63-yard field goal and no one could beat that for 43 years. But then prater came along and beat his record by one yard. With a 64-yard field goal in 2013.

is made and he still holds the record nearly a decade later there he is and not only did matt show up, but, to my absolute delight, he brought along his personal trainer who's this. This is pax. What up pax? How are you buddy, and so after i joined him for his standard warm-up and stretch routine? I went straight for the jugular, so do you practice just as much as everyone else on the team? I definitely don't practice as much everyone on your team's watches, like uh. You tongue, nobody wants to be the kicker until it's the end of a game and you need a field goal.

Then i asked him how to kick really long field goals, and he said it all comes down to just two things: leg, speed, leg, speed, first and leg. Speed makes intuitive sense, but then he told me the second critical factor is making contact 2.2 inches up from the bottom of the ball. Extensive research has been done that backs up these two factors as the most critical for maximizing distance. So, after that he showed me the proper technique to achieve those two factors.

So you come in an angle, so your plant leg should be as close as straight as you can, and at this angle, so your kicking leg can be straight so right when you're making contact with the ball, your kicking leg should be locking right and where do You hit the ball, so you'll hit the ball. You know the little bone right in the middle of your foot, yeah like right here, yeah, okay, right right there. This will be the first time in my life. I've legitimately attempted to kick a field goal, but after matt's coaching he made it seem like it was pretty similar to playing soccer and i like to play soccer.

You shouldn't have done this, but you taught me everything you know. So i say we have a competition me versus you. I thought of a wager. We could have that gatorade thing.

It's got ice water in it. The loser gets dunked all right, you're. Okay, with that yeah yeah, i feel pretty confident. I don't know we'll see, we'll see, look at this guy sandbagging, so with that we were ready to go, and this was his first kick, which he lined up left footed, which didn't bow well for me, cause he's not left-footed.

This is a disaster, and then it was my turn all right. Rover nope lace is out dan got ta. Remember everything you taught me yep, i like that, got it nailed it moving back five. This is a 25 yarder, they might say mark what do you mean? 25 you're only on the 15 yard line and that's true, but the end zone itself is 10 yards.

So you always include that with the kick distance got it good shot all right, prater, let's see what you got pal ignore this. Don't let this bother you? We can have a full conversation what'd you have for breakfast, oh goodness, that was right in the middle. Oh, that was a bad kick, but i'll take it got it got it. Okay, bomb crushed it.

Oh wow! So far i don't know our kicks. Look pretty similar. Come back guys with room to spare no pressure, oh no, that almost went over the net man. Now that we are back to a 45-yard field goal.

I was just stoked to still be in this. Is that short? What official review? I want an official review. Well, there's something i haven't told you, i'm actually a barefoot kicker! You never saw this coming. Did you? No, it's.

Obviously the last thing i expected you in my defense. This was a super popular kicking style in the early 80s, but with no proven advantage. No one really does it anymore, except for me get in no, oh, not cool, that's the worst sound you can hear as a kicker too, hitting the pole, yeah or crossbar. Oh, that was heart wrenching, at least the high speed looked kind of cool, and so here's prater for the win, oh and just the perfect form all right matt.

I thought my. The barefoot was gon na, be my trump card, but i'll concede as it stands. I'm getting the gatorade bath, but while i might not be good at kicking footballs, i am good at engineering, which technically means i'm really good at kicking footballs. Let's go baby.

What is this okay and stop this? Now you come around back greatest kicker of our generation. Oh no way you're looking for ray finkel, oh my gosh and a clean pair of shorts, so now prater knew the real reason i was here, but to truly understand what he's up against. We have to go back just about one year because that's when, with the help of my buddy john here, we tested our first prototype john's, really good, with this kind of rugged, high strength build because he's worked in the industry, doing props and special effects, and so At the end of that first day of testing, we could make a 60-yard field goal, but honestly it was kind of just barely we needed more power and accuracy because it was really inconsistent but to understand how we fixed it. First, you need to know how it works.

Fundamentally, we've got a hub attached to an axle here. It can freely rotate and if you slap a kicking leg on the end, they both rotate together. Then, if you put a winch on this side connected to a wire that secures to the hub here and then springs on this side also attached to a wire that attached to the hub in the same spot, then when the winch pulls down the springs stretch out. As the leg is cocked back into position now, we just need a way to fire.

The thing: a quick release is a hook system that easily unhooks when you pull a cord. So if we put one of those here and then pull the cord, the springs now contract, which makes the leg spin real fast for version two of the robot. Everything had to get much more rugged and compact because we doubled the force from the springs to over a ton, and when we went out to test this time it definitely did have more power and our 60 yarders were looking much more promising. But because the football was making contact off to the side of the leg, it still wasn't as accurate as we wanted for version 3.

We changed how the foot attached, which allowed us to hit the ball straight on. We also tried to determine the best foot diameter, as well as the best spot, to make contact with the ball, but i still wanted even more power, which was tricky because there was already so much force that we busted our industrial strength, quick release. Which is why there's a loose bolt in the frame here, which is just never something you want to see, and so for the fourth and final version we upgraded to a much beefier, quick release and then increased our spring force to two tons. We also got clever with a mechanical advantage by making the diameter of the leg sprocket twice as small as the driving sprocket, so it rotated twice as far but in the same amount of time, which means we doubled the speed with a big build like this.

You are only as strong as your weakest link, so this process of prototyping, failing and fixing helps flush out all the weak links as quickly as possible until hopefully there's none left, and so a year after we first started this fourth version. Finally, had the kind of power and accuracy i was hoping for, even if we were definitely pushing the physical limits in a few critical spots. For now, though, it was time to give mr prater a proper introduction, so ray finkel is my surrogate. This is what i couldn't do, even with my bare foot, we'll see if we'll ray here can do better.

Now, i'm not abandoning everything. You taught me here, uh-huh, okay, two steps over okay; here we go. You ready. Three, two one get up! That's my boy! That's my boy wow that looked really easy.

That looked pretty easy. I hate to tell you man, but that wasn't full power. In fact, that was only one-third power for a half-power demonstration. We went to the extra point location where, for reference here is prater, the mere human kicking full power into the net and then finkel at half power kicking it into the stands and at this point, we'd poke the sleeping giant because, first of all, matt suspiciously asked Me to hold his next kick mommy and secondly, after that 50 yarder, he continued working his way down the field.

Despite my best efforts to even further rig the competition. Oh, my gosh, you have real bad golf etiquette. I have this great idea to arrange with my buddy paul narcola, to get some drone racing footage of a field goal because he's the drone racing world champion, and that would just be so dope. This footage here is from a test session.

We arranged to see how cool it would look and it turns out the answer is really freaking cool, but after we got everything set up a staff member requested we didn't fly drone inside so you're. Just gon na have to use your imagination as parader bombs. The 60 yarder, which meant the next kick attempt, would be farther than his nfl record, and one of the things matt does so well is that technically you want to launch the ball at 45 degrees to maximize the distance on a kick more than that, and you Waste your energy in height lower than that, and it hits the ground prematurely in real life, though, where the ball experiences drag from wind resistance. The ideal angle is closer to 40 degrees, which you could see.

Prater has down to a science. This is one yard past. The nfl record, which this man holds, i hit off my toe, get up i'll. Take it it'll go back a little further you're crazy dude, i'm putting on my rally cap for you buddy as much as i don't want to get doused with gatorade and while matt's taking a few attempts at this 70-yard field goal.

Let me just say that it's really special being in the presence of an elite athlete such as himself, don't rule out barefoot here. Oh my goodness, these were honestly the first shots, he'd missed all day from anywhere on the field. No dude! Well done so now that prater was unsuccessful from 70 yards finkel rolled over to potentially win the competition and save me from an ice bath all right here we go a little bit of train horn for good luck and good measure, and this is where matt got A little taste of finkel's true range of motion, whoa, okay. This was about 80 full powerful.

That's all you got ta do dude, that's all you got ta do three two one hit it go, baby go, and so, even with the terrible and efficient launch trajectory we'd settled the question of man versus machine. That's my boy! It's my boy! Finkel! The hang time, though, so high, i think it was going to get there. I know, but since finkel had made the trip all the way out here, we decided to keep going and try his foot next. At an 84 yard field goal, which is an even 20 yards past, the nfl record, but first we wanted to try and figure out the foot speed of finkel vs prater, so we recorded a few kicks in slo-mo with a checkerboard background behind it.

This is a trick i learned, while at nasa that they've used for ages, because if you know the size of each of those squares, it allows you to watch back the clip and tell the speed of any moving object in the footage by converting grid boxes per. Second, to miles per hour, so when you do this, you find matt's foot is moving at an insane 48 miles per hour, which puts him right up with the elite, place, kickers and soccer players. The robot's foot, however, is traveling more than 30 miles an hour faster at a blazing 82 miles per hour. We also measured the ball speed after contact and while prater is at 80 miles per hour, which is again insanely fast.

The robot clocks in at 120 miles per hour and that checkered background speed trick is so cool that i invented this. I call it the 40 mile an hour blanket because it's a real soft functional blanket on one side, but the other side has these squares that are sized just right, so that if you film in slow-mo on your phone, the math works out perfectly, so that you Just count how many squares it travels in exactly one slow-mo second, and that's how fast it's moving in miles per hour. So, for example, if i film this nerf dart in slow-mo, then i play it back and just count the squares it crosses in one. Second, in this case it's 28 squares, then we know it was traveling 28 miles per hour and just to prove this approach works.

We used a radar gun to check our answer and it came up with the exact same speed, and so it turns out. I throw a nerf football at 15 miles per hour and i can do a short sprint at 12 miles per hour. There are 40 total squares, which means you could measure anything up to 40 miles per hour with one blanket. But if you get two blankets, then you can unlock the achievement to measure things up to 80 miles per hour and if you get 16.7 million of them, you can measure the speed of light and it's not just a speedometer.

Oh and a cozy blanket. You could put on your bed, but the back is solid blue, which works great as a green screen for filming or for video call background replacement and a very limited quantity are available on my relatively new website, where every single dollar of anything i sell goes Right back into making builds and videos like this one, and even if you're like i got plenty of blankets mark, i put all the critical square spacing info on the website, so you can construct your own grid and still have fun with the science, and so now That we knew finkel could blast these balls at 120 miles per hour. Here was his first attempt from 83 yards, although still not quite at full power and i'll, explain why, in a second okay, a little bit of horn, now we're ready three two one, and when you see this, these balls were no deflate gate. Brady specials.

These were the most inflated footballs i'd ever handled. You could barely dent them. In with your hand, it's just the pressure from the robot foot was that high. The first kick had the worst possible trajectory, and so the hang time was hilarious.

We had quite a bit of energy up in the air. I think we need to optimize this a bit, but straight is a gosh darn arrow, so for the next one we arranged the foot to contact higher up on the ball, so it wouldn't pop it up. So much, but still not a full power, kick go please, but this one was just short because it knuckleballed and didn't pop up high enough. So now we knew exactly where to strike the ball, to split the difference between those two and we figured we might as well leave it all on the table and go full throttle, which makes now a great time to explain why we weren't just doing this on Every kick on our last trip to the practice field.

We were totally dialed in, as you can see here i mean that thing is sub-orbital. As a reminder, this is a 60-yard attempt. This is only four yards shy of the nfl record and, as you can see, we've got a little room to spare as we pass through the uprights. So then, just for fun we opened it up and sent all two tons of spring force through the machine and into the ball, which is when this happened, we're just going absolutely full all of the power one.

Oh my gosh! Yes, if you watch that clip back the ball landed here, but it had the height to clear the uprights right here and you'll notice. That's right above this unique pattern in the cement and from the satellite view that unique pattern is right. Here now we were kicking from the 50 yard line, so the question is: what is that distance? Well, if we borrow this convenient 100-yard measuring stick, then that kick would have gone through the uprights with no t and a slight headwind from 105 yards away now. This is a bit of a good news, bad news situation because on one hand the ability to max out the robot and kick 105 yard field goals is amazing, but on the other hand, on the very next kick this happened.

The leg just fell off. We might be done for today. Basically, we sheared the key in the key shaft because of the whole two tons of spring force thing and in case you're unfamiliar. This is the key.

It's just a chunk of metal that gets wedged in here so that when the key shaft turns the sprocket turns with it. So the final improvement would have been to swap the key shaft with a spline shaft, because those distribute the load evenly among many surfaces as opposed to just one. Unfortunately, those spline shafts had a two-week lead time and we were flying to detroit a few days after this right, finkel from 83 yards full power, plus a little more three two one. Oh oh watch, menkel's head here, i'm sorry buddy! Oh my gosh and sure enough.

It was the key that was the culprit. Keys aren't supposed to do this, like that's bonkers, and so, despite the explosive finale, i'm calling this a w. Not only did robot ray finkel beat the nfl record with a 70-yard kick at sea level with no wind, but he did it at 80 power and a super inefficient kick trajectory on top of that, even though he lost a couple freaking legs in the process, he Showed he's capable of bombing a 105 yard field goal into a slight headwind right off the turf with no t, and so with all that honestly, i was willing to let prater off the hook, because an argument could be made that i technically sort of cheated, but His son pax was already way too excited about the prospect which i thought was just fantastic until it turned out, he got off easy by comparison. This is me as a four-year-old, with an incredibly non-functional 2x4 violin.

I built now compared to a 120 mile, an hour field, kicking robot. That looks pretty simple, but i like that picture, because it's a reminder that if you want to get good at literally anything, you have to start with the basics when it comes to creating stuff and making the basics seem really fun. No one does it better than my good friends at kiwiko who also happen to be supporting this video they're the best because they deliver these really cool monthly crates that contain hands-on projects and diy toys designed to expose kids to the entire range of steam concepts, and They all come with really simple kid-friendly instructions, plus all the supplies you'll need. So you don't need a fully decked out workshop like mine, to put it together.

Each one also includes a custom booklet that teaches you practical science and gives you even more experiments. You can try out with just stuff lying around your house. They have eight different crate lines for all different ages that cover the full steam spectrum from science and engineering to art and design. So if you want to support my channel and progress down your path of making cool things with something more impressive than a 2x4 violin, go to to get 50 off your first month of any crate.

This is the first time i've given a promo code. That applies to any of their crates, so thanks to kiwiko for being the best thanks to ray finkel for kicking till his leg, flew off, and, of course, thanks to you for watching you.

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