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11 months of social justice engineering boiled down to 15 minutes!
ANSWER TO FAQ- The reason some peoples faces are not blurred out is because those people signed releases allowing me to show their face.
Thanks to Macaulay Culkin! Check out his channel-
Special thanks to my buddy Sean Hodgins. I hired him to help me on this and it wouldn't have been possible without his mad skillz -
Here is where I got the biodegradable glitter from:
Thanks to all the volunteers across the country who put packages out for me!

Tools on my bench from Carlyle-

This guy stole my package and he's about to open it in his house, but what he doesn't know is that this is a new and improved custom-built bait package that is recording him on four different cameras that just released a pound of the world's finest glitter, along With some other nasty surprises but to understand how we got to this point, we need to go back one and a half years, because that's when someone stole a package from my porch and the police wouldn't do anything about it. Even with the video footage which made me sad and so drawing inspiration from one of my childhood heroes, I decided to make a bait package to lure would-be thieves and the Internet seem to like it. But despite my best efforts, 1.7 million packages are either stolen or go missing every day: hello, Macaulay Culkin, I'm sorry, it's just that home alone was the entire inspiration for the glitter bomb. No, no, that's cool! I love that just I do other things with my life.

Like run my website, bunny ears, calm, but seriously, though your design was good, but actually I think I even get a little bit better. And so, if we call yourself, my friend, Shawn and I have literally spent the last 10 months - designing, building and testing a new and improved design for 2019. So today I'm gon na walk you through all the upgrades and then show you what happens when you unleash ten of these bait packages on random, suburban porches, all across America, we started with a complete redesign of the box to make it more streamlined and secure. For contrast, last year's design was a bit of a rat's nest.

The fundamentals are still the same or you have a battery-powered custom printed circuit board on the bottom. That has a built-in accelerometer, so it can sense when it's been jostled and then it tells these four phones to start recording and these are wide-angle lenses. So, as you can see, you'll be able to record the thief, no matter which side they open it from and then right here we have some fart spray, but we added a second bottle this year. So as both these motors spin cams around, not only does it spray twice as much, but we changed the formula this time around and it is wretched.

Dude. Oh it's in my mouth man. I feel like hitches a turd, never done that to be clear and just to prove how much worse it was. I sprayed last year's formula labeled a and then this year's formula, labeled B for 10 different people without telling them which was which alton independently agreed.

This year's was much worse and then we keep spraying it every 30 seconds to ensure they get rid of the package out of their house before they realize there's four phones inside this increases our chances of recovering it. Since we already know the package location at all times, due to the GPS tracking on all the phones, but even if we somehow don't recover it all these phones have LTE data plans, so they'll upload their footage to the cloud right away. So then we can see what happened, and then we have the main course, which is the spinning cup powered by a motor underneath here, which we fill with the finest glitter we could find, which is actually biodegradable this year. As a nod to our good friend Mother Earth, we also added sound effects this year.

So after both the glitter and the fart spray have successfully deployed, we start counting down five. Four three, nothing actually happens at the end, but they won't know that and then. Finally, after that, we added some fake police scanner - chatter, just because it seemed like the right thing to do so, as you can see once you slip this cover over, it becomes nearly impossible to access the phones now without special tools, and so finally, we've got the Lid, which has these two holes here, which we cover with one-way film, so we can record the outside world even when the lid is on and you'll notice that this is a total custom print. These are the fictitious Buzz 700s named, of course, after Kevin's older brother and the thieves took just two seconds to actually inspect the package, they would see all the words on the side are just slightly modified quotes from home alone.

In addition to this amazing testimonial, and so then we just slapped on a fake shipping label and used a random barcode sticker to cover up the nightly charging port and we were good to go so. The idea is the bad guy comes sneaking by and then steals it off the porch and then when they eventually remove the lid. A magnet taped inside triggers this Hall effect sensor, which tells a circuit board brain. It's go time and everything is set in motion and as far as I'm concerned, relatively harmless, karmic justice has never looked so beautiful, and so now all that was left was to find porches for all the boxes.

So I sent out a call to all my followers on social media and we received over 400 applicants who have all dealt with repeated package thefts in the past and then from that we narrowed the list down to just a handful and soon we had packages out All over the country, we also set up a website, so I could sit in my Batcave here and monitor all the boxes to see their current locations record states, battery phone levels and even check the camera feed on any box at any time, and things started out. A bit rocky when we got a notification that the first box was stolen and then we noticed it was intermittently moving all throughout the city. So while we were trying to locate it, we checked the feed and realized a UPS driver was so convinced. The package was real, he scanned it and picked it up and it was riding around in his truck next.

When someone else picked up the box, we didn't have the lid seal fully worked out yet so, as they were, walking around glitter started to spill out. There's glare coming out of it yo Nick, which is, as they say, it's totally a scam when you open it, it's gon na explode with glitter. This lady took it off a porch, put open it upside down as soon as she heard the countdown timer, though she rushed it back to the porch. He stole it from just in a time for nothing to happen, but then the thefts began to pile up and we started hitting our stride, my god hurry sequence initiated operation, super nasty fat initiated 1514 after we tracked down this package and recovered it by the dumpster.

We walked by the store and they were sweeping and spring Febreze, which felt amazing, deltad initiated and in the middle of all this, something happened that I still can't wrap my head around one of the volunteers. We sent a package to who obviously knows my channel and follows me on social media, who I even interviewed to make sure he seemed legit decided. It would be a good idea to steal my package from me and never had any intention of either putting it out on his porch or sending it back to us after a week of us being really nice and trying to work with him. He effectively admitted as such and then blocked and ghosted me, and it's just like bro, if you're gon na steal from someone don't pick the dude who just spent a year and a half of his life avenging theft of a $ 5 Amazon package.

If I'm willing to get that petty over something, I could easily reorder. What do you think I'm gon na do to the guy who steals the outcome of that year and a half of work? I quit my job at NASA to make youtube videos and I only make 12 of them a year. So I have plenty of time and I love to obsess over these little details. Well, that's even though this is more of a science channel than a prank Channel.

I love coming up with these ideas like when I took this Freddy Krueger action figure and taped it to the back of my wife's car right in front of the backup camera, and so, after a little detective work, I discovered he gave us his real name and Phone number, but he shipped it to his buddy's address, so I found his real address and then did two relatively harmless things. The first is I've heard once the Scientologists have your contact info and know you're even remotely interested, they will follow you the rest of your life, and so since I had all his contact info hypothetically, I might have gone on their website and said. I was very interested in learning more and then I ordered $ 300 worth of their starting course material. So they know he's a very high-value contact worth keeping track of, and the second thing was I'd assigned over 10 custom postcards just for him.

For example, he's from Texas, so I thought a thank you note for his $ 500 donation to Texans for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign would be nice or this registration confirmation for the upcoming furry convention, but the trick is while I addressed it in his name. I went on Google Maps and looked like his neighbor's addresses and hypothetically, I might have accidentally sent them to a random assortment of houses around him. A lot of these are great because it's the exact type of thing, where the more you deny it the more guilty. You look so some of these will inevitably be hand-delivered to his mailbox by his neighbors, who spot the air and he'll always be second guessing just how many more there were and who's silently, judging him at the neighborhood potluck.

Now I want to mention. We encountered good people out in the world too, who are trying to actually keep our boxes from being stolen. For example, this woman did that, but even still, the package was stolen, just thirty minutes later by a professional porch pirate who knew exactly how to cover up her face. But then we said a holdup roll that tape back unbelievably, she has the same body type and owns the exact same shoes and pants as that Good Samaritan.

So we turned the footage over to the police to see if they, too could appreciate the coincidence - and it just goes to show you that your conception of who a porch pirate is might be totally off. I'm just kidding. This was a super nice lady who took the package in for her neighbor, but it got us thinking and instead of just always punishing the bad guys, we wanted to try and reward the good guys. So in some cases we left it by an apartment mailbox and we change the label to a real name and left tons of contact.

Information like phone number and email all over the label and quite a few people took the package back to their house. But instead of opening, they called to tell us they had our package because they were worried, someone else would take it, and so, instead of glitter and fart spray, I gave them four hundred dollars, because that was the opportunity cost for them when they made the right Choice, thank you for being one of the good ones. Then others, however, didn't make. The call sound is one of my favorite physics topics to discuss, because it becomes so much easier to understand if you just have the right mental model.

The key is to understand that the air all around us is a fluid like water just way less dense. For example, you could see the loud sound waves coming from the revolver Destin is shooting here. My friends opposed supported this video, so I created a simple demo to show the fundamentals of how they're able to achieve the insane amounts of noise cancellation in their headphones. I'll first turn on this speaker that is playing a tone of 500 Hertz.

You could hear it in this mic, then. If I turn on a second speaker playing the same tone, the waves will combine just like two waves crossing in the water and it will be twice as loud. But if I reverse the polarity on one of the speakers, it will flip the wave upside down and now, instead of combining the waves, will cancel each other out and the sound is much quieter than if only one of the speaker's was on. This is the principle behind how they achieve noise canceling like in the headphone 700s here they measure and then playback a flipped pressure wave of the jet engine, which is why it goes so quiet and it's really hard to demonstrate this without trying it on yourself.

But this should give you an idea of what their engineers are capable of this leafblower. This is what my voice sounds like on the camera mic, but if you were to come, this is exactly what my voice would sound like. These things are just the best, especially when traveling they've got a battery life of up to 20 hours, which has always been way more than enough for me. But even if the battery somehow dies, you could still use them as passive wired headphones.

They have a touch sensitive side to control your music without pulling out your phone or you could use voice commands with Alexa, Google assistant or Siri, and perhaps the coolest feature is conversation mode which uses six mics to pass in all the sound around you to give You superpower hearing, so you can actually talk to people without needing to take your headphones off and, of course, in addition to add phones, Bose has speakers such as the s1 here or they're smart portable home speaker, both of which are cultura portable after charging. I really do love these things and I use them all the time. So, thanks to votes for making the coolest possible gifts, you can give some of this holiday season and thanks to you for watching.

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    If you are not there you have to pick it up at the post office.

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    Wow, McCaulay looks really healthy and well! Outstanding!

    Thanks for also making the outstanding, science oriented advertisement for Bose! As a Homeschooling mom of 20 years, I fully enjoy the experience!

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