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$1 is one less pound of trash in the Ocean.
We need to remove 30,000,000 lbs by the end of the year!!

I'm gon na attempt to collect 30 million pounds of trash from this river all by myself, but there's a catch because mr beast and his boys and a butt ton of volunteers are gon na try and beat me to it by collecting 30 million pounds of trash From this beach now i know what you're thinking mark one versus a thousand hardly seems like a fair fight and you'd be right, except for one minor detail i neglected to mention. I actually do have one other teammate who just so happens to be a floating 50-ton. Trash-Eating robot, you got ta play to your strengths right all right! Dude! You ready to start this competition. Dude we've been going.

Look at all these people. What go go. Go! Go you started already so with the trash picking competition officially underway, while mr beast and his crew performed manual labor like a bunch of lame humans, all the trash stuff is blowing on me. All me and my autonomous robot had to do was wait and we didn't have to wait long.

I love the idea of jimmy getting all sweaty on the beach picking up trash the old fashioned way. While i just let it all come to me, we got some eggs, looks like a go-gurt. Oh, what do we got here? That's a cola reel come on man. This isn't even open, so jamina's crew got off to an early lead and i can confidently say: that's thanks to their premature start and not their trash collection techniques, jimmy yeah, the ocean's, putting more trash on the beach.

But by this point my robot had also started firing on all cylinders and was closing the gap which makes this the perfect time to explain exactly how it works and to do that. Let's go back in time a few days to when i first showed up here. Hey, what's up boyle welcome. Thank you.

Welcome to the interceptor nice place you got here that is on slat he's the reason this robot exists and his origin story for caring about trash in the ocean comes from something that happened to him more than a decade ago. I was 16 years old. I went scuba diving in greece and i looked around me and i just saw more plastic bags than fish, and i was just so disappointed by that that i thought. Why can't we just clean this up that kind of started a few things for me, which is a humble way of saying it, led him to founding a non-profit organization, called the ocean cleanup with the audacious goal to rid the ocean of all trash and plastic.

So naturally, that involves removing trash directly from the ocean itself, but if you think about it, that's only half the problem because to make a lasting impact, you've also got to cut the pollution off at the source and turn the spigot off and, as it turns out, Eighty percent of the plastic flowing to the ocean from rivers comes from just one percent of the rivers, so their idea is to put these trash eating robots on those worst offending rivers and that will go a long way to fixing the problem at the source. So that's the strategy behind these now to the juicy part to how these river interceptor robots actually work so step. One is to anchor it near the bank of the river and then, as trash floats down the river. It runs into this barrier.

On the surface of the water which shepherds the trash towards the mouth of the thing, and then once the trash is funneled in it travels up this conveyor belt, after which it's dropped in one of these six floating dumpsters and the fact that they float is really Clever because it means once they're full, the interceptor can stay put while the dumpsters are flotilla down the river where whatever can be recycled, is recycled and the rest is properly disposed of using the local waste management system. On top of that, it's got solar panels and a rainwater collection system. So it's fully off the grid and thanks to some onboard ai technology, the trash collection happens essentially autonomously and importantly, it's boyon's non-profit. That provides the interceptor.

But it's the local government and communities that implement operate and maintain it. This one is in the dominican republic and it's run locally by their naval officers, who are just incredibly lovely to work with, by the way, oh and as a final point, that floating barrier sticks only one and a half feet deep into the water, which means, while The trash gets captured on the surface, the fish can swim back and forth under it all day, long or as boy on puts it. It's very good at catching plastic, it's terrible at catching fish. Unless you're a dead fish, then it'll catch you.

If you're already dead and filled with gas, you will be caught will be caught. So by this point, jimmy and the boys had an ever-growing pile of trash piles. Looking pretty nice, if i was you i'd, be getting a little nervous, i'm a wee bit nervous, but the good news was that, thanks to the steady consistency of my robot, i had now overtaken them as the leader in the amount of trash collected. But even better was that, while they continued to labor away in the hot sun, i just left mine on autopilot and took the opportunity to go, enjoy the natural beauty of the dominican beaches and make friends and hang out with some of the locals.

And even have this amazing disney princess of a moment and while i don't speak manatee, i think she was coming to say thank you on behalf of all the ocean creatures for us doing our part to keep the trash out of their home. And after that my curiosity got the best of me, so i went to check out their progress first hand and after a brief display of dominance, keep it up boys keep it up. You want to come help us, i'm picking up trash right now. Look at that! A christian, a couch cushion this is a live feed of.

What's going on right now, there's a lot of couches in the ocean. That's like eight of my shovels, a second back to work. I eventually helped them out because i'm such a nice guy, even going as far as to offer to place their hard-earned trash, definitely in their own pile for them, so it counts towards their total and not mine. So, as the sun set over the city, i made some new friends who, after i introduced myself, kept pronouncing my name as gringo for some reason and right there behind me, you could see the robot was just powering on, because that's what robots do collecting trash for Me through the night, so i continued to add to my totals, even while i slept the next day started out nice, but then rained hard for a few hours which increased the trash in the river quite a bit.

In fact, they told me after heavy rain, all six dumpsters can get filled in a single day, which seemed just crazy to me. So when i asked where all the trash was coming from, we took a trip up the river and before long, the source of the trash became pretty obvious anytime. We saw a canal like this meant to carry rain water to the river, and there were a lot of them. It would be filled with trash that washes down from the communities near the river and, even worse, you could see sometimes how people would throw trash off the side of a cliff down to the river as an improvised trash dump and part of me felt really frustrated By this, until we parked the boat and actually visited one of these communities and out of the gate, i saw a soccer ball and tried to showcase some of my moves.

But after they put me in my place, i knew my only recourse was to go full sami sosa on, but as them walked around and talked with them, it became apparent pretty quickly. The trash ends up in the river, because there are no other options. You and i have the luxury of putting our trash in a bin and rolling it out to the curb, and then it's magically empty by the end of the day in the developed cities in the dominican republic. This is, of course, how it also works, but in these remote poor communities there are a lot of challenges that prevent this, such as just not being accessible by big trash trucks, which means they just don't have somewhere to put their waste.

So whatever doesn't make it to the river just piles up in their own village and in talking with the leaders in these communities, it's clear, they're, passionate about being part of the solution and the dominican government, in conjunction with the un, is proactively working together with their Own people to come up with custom, long-term solutions and be an example to the rest of the world. The point is everyone involved here knows that interceptor is not intended to be the permanent fix. Ultimately, we want to help ourselves out of business and the sooner the better. There will come a day that we can just get rid of these interceptors and there's no more plastic coming coming down these rivers, but until that day comes, we need to stop it from going into the ocean in the end.

By the time i wrapped up my work at the interceptor, we ended up making two trips with the dumpsters down the river, so the waste could be properly disposed of, even though i basically did no manual labor to make this happen, there's still like a sense of Pride here, for some reason - i don't know we did it so after getting the total weight recorded, all that was left to do now was to meet back up with jimmy wow. This is a certified butt ton right here. How much did you get? I got it right here. How much did you get it's on my paper? I'm not showing you spoiler alert it's much much less than 30 million pounds.

Okay! So before we show you our papers here and reveal who won man versus machine if you're watching this video, we need your help to get this pile of trash to 30 million pounds and buckle up, because the next two months are gon na be crazy. Now for context, two years ago the internet demanded we start team trees and not only did we band together and reach our goal of planting 20 million trees by 2020, but people are still planting on average 2 600 trees per day on So, in order to actually get 30 million pounds of trash and plastic out of the freaking ocean, we're following up team trees with team c's and we've spent the last eight months working with the perfect non-profit, cleanup organizations for this goal, and even though it was difficult, They guaranteed us that, for every single dollar we raise, there will be one less pound of plastic and trash in the ocean, and that's just bonkers. That literally means that for every one dollar donated this much trash comes out of the ocean and for five dollars.

This much trash comes out of the ocean and we're gon na pull this off by not just tackling trash in the ocean, but cutting off the trash sources at the rivers and beaches too. So half the money we raise we'll go to boion's charity, the ocean cleanup. So they can just make a butt ton more of these trash-eating robots. Then they'll place them in that one percent of rivers that are the worst defenders by far and then the other half of the money will go to ocean conservancy and they'll focus on the beaches.

With tons of volunteer beach, cleanups and then, of course, actually going out to sea and cleaning up a bunch of trash there as well, and so we need your help because 30 million less pounds of trash in the ocean really means we're trying to raise 30 million Dollars by the end of the year in just two months, which is insanity and exactly why we banded together the entire youtube community, heck all of social media to help us hit our goal by the end of the year, go team seas. Let's do this we're saving the oceans in two ways - i don't know if you realize we can do this, i'm excited for team c's, oceans, good team, c's, good plastics, bad. I personally will be kicking things off by removing a hundred thousand pounds from the ocean by donating a hundred thousand dollars and youtube. Originals have stepped up and they'll be matching the first four hundred thousand dollars donated, but that's still way way less than 30 million.

If you're a working adult, consider how much trash you're willing to remove to send a message and if you're a kid talk to your parents, about this, get creative and do some chores to earn some money. Or maybe talk to your teacher and set up a class or even school fundraiser using the team feature on the website and then after that, retweet anything to do with team sees like share watch a hundred times. Every team sees video support this campaign. We need you, you can start by sharing this video and then just harass all your favorite creators make sure they're on board team seas with all the division in the world.

This just feels like something we can all see eye to eye on, like everyone agrees that trash and plastic don't belong in our beautiful oceans and of course, we know. Team seas alone won't solve this issue, but it sends a strong message that young people are hungry and willing to go beyond just retweets to raise awareness. We can be a catalyst for positive change in this world. I am just so stoked.

We totally got this. How many pounds of trash is right here: uh. 500. 000..

You are a liar. How many pounds of trash is really here. 62 738 pounds of trash is right here: wow, oh 37, 000. yo.

We beat him. I will say my robot in the next two weeks and he'll do that. So if you want to find more robots and more humans to solve this important problem, click, the blue button go to donate right now. Go donate.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars checodogface says:

    you are most epic thank you mark for thinking of the planet

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jøran Herskedal says:

    Lets see how the long term effect of this is!
    I hope it works, ill donate what i can

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DREW FLOWS says:

    just sad we could probably make a noticeable difference in our whole planet if governments could spare a couple billion to programs like this

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cade Winters says:

    I bet someone will donate 30k lol have fun picking that up

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    Plot twist: mark drank the random unopened pink sofa he found.

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    We already have a bout $5 million in two days we need to it to 50 million

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bathtowel commentary says:

    gringo is just what people in latin america call white people

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BTR says:

    This is an AMAZING idea and you guys are really working hard to help the oceans!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars zeusy bear says:

    30mil is literally nothing to elon musk, jeff bezos and these other billionaires that we idolize.. make a video on that please. the fact that it takes youtubers like u and mr beast to make a change

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fullgore202 says:

    Gringo = American for Dominicans, I was born there and it is not a derogative word, glad to see you enjoyed your stay at the little island!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sanoy says:

    Wow, this project is truely amazing! But we also need to find a way to live without plastic, and find alternatives. This would really stop plastic polition

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ் says:

    But even this is not better than stopping the root cause.. Stopping plastic production at the source itself. This video has neglected to mention that even these robots can not totally solve our plastic pollution issue (at least for the foreseeable future).

    The mentality that we can do whatever we want and then we can invent something which will fix it for us! Pheww!

    Not speaking about this particular team (who truly are compassionate about solving this crisis), but the general mentality that we humans have. This robot only play a part, but we still need to stop production of plastic itself!

    And we haven't even got to micro-plastics.

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