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Also, check out their video with the boat drop here-

Covers trampolines three try one ribbon. Oh my gosh! This is a car and this is a trampoline. I designed specifically to be strong enough to try and balance a car, or, i guess technically even a boat today, we'll be conducting some experiments to see what happens when you drop all sorts of stuff on a steel trampoline weighing two tons with a map made out Of kevlar being held by 144 garage door springs, but to understand how we even got to this point. We need to go back six months ago when the guys from the how ridiculous youtube channel issued a challenge.

We need to get someone to help us engineer. Just an epic trampoline that can bounce like almost anything big and i've got marky rober on mine, and what you need to know about them is that, besides having funny accents, they do all sorts of crazy things usually having to do with gravity in some form or Another, their content is always mind-blowing, so you should subscribe to their channel if you somehow haven't already. At any rate, a lot of people seem to think this was a worthy challenge, including myself, and so i got together with my buddy josh and first brainstormed ideas. Then we did some math, then we designed it in cad and ran it through a dynamic analysis and eventually settled on a design and sent the build plans to one of their buddies who lives near the tower, and so a few months later, all that was left To do was walk to australia to meet the guys and check in on the build wow.

The mat is made from kevlar, which is the same stuff. Bulletproof vests are made of it's so tough. The only thing that could cut it to the right shape was an angle grinder. The garage door springs can support about 450 pounds a piece and we have 144 of them like a thigh and so after prepping at the shop.

We made our way to the tower, to put it all together after seven hours by 1am, it was all put together so after a very short night's rest and six months of planning the moment had finally arrived, the plan was to do ten drops total five for Their channel and five for mine, they started with the single bowling ball, but not to be outdone and to stay true to the tradition of my channel, i chose a single watermelon and i'm gon na drop. It right. You're gon na have to coach me through this i'll catch you through it, mr robo. We are good down here, mate.

Also, it turns out. I don't really love heights. Oh, this is terrifying. I don't know how you guys do this man you're right.

Okay, here we go three two i'm just kidding the slo-mo of that would have looked sensational, though. To be honest, that was dope next up for them was 20 bowling balls, which was insane and you'll have to watch it on their channel after this, but naturally i had to answer in kind with 20 watermelons. We just got sacko sacka melons right here, we're talking 20 20 melons about 400 pounds. That's a lot! So they have these tubes here for the kids to drop water balloons down to line it up with a sandpit.

So i'm going to try and film through it see what i can see and let me just say it's never cool to waste food, so we ate a good portion of the carnage you're about to witness. Plus food is never wasted on quality scientific data. Just the sound alone is just like terrifying, dick that was good and just to give you a sense of scale of the monster we created here, you can see us standing next to a normal trampoline, and not only do we have twice as many springs as a Trampoline but here's a clean comparison of the two sizes. My primary design goal was to have the survive, but i also didn't want to cheat and use the ground to dissipate any of the energy.

The mat had to come back up cleanly without touching anything below and now for the third drop out of five, a 66 pound atlas stone versus a full of water balloons in three two one, oh just missed the frame that would have been a jarring noise, so Were you happy with that ma older come on girl and while we struggle to hoist up my second to last drop of a yoga, ball filled up completely with water. I'll, take this opportunity to say that my review of australia was 5 out of 5 stars. They have cooler signs, they've got better snacks, their moon is upside down and their ticks are worse, but their snakes are smaller than advertised flipping. Here we go ready, so just ease it up.

Okay, two two one, three, two one whoa, oh yes, it's not meant to bounce, but that was so epic. I feel like we did really well this time i had the balls, the intestinal fortitude to like look over the edge, and so finally, after a bit of precautionary light waiting on the car, the big moment had arrived. Have you decided you're doing the car before the boat because it seems to be that's? What's happening, yeah it's going up. I made that decision.

So in case you know the travel he's getting busted. At least i've got a dope video. You got ta look out for number one. You know what i mean.

You guys know that first of all, this is 100 kilograms heavier than we analyzed and it's like 10 meters higher. I could see it hitting flipping over and like impaling itself on the fence or like hitting flipping over and landing right on the phone. It would be sad but also hilarious. That's content, baby.

This is legitimately the most nervous. I've ever been in 10 years of making videos, i mean it's fair enough - covers trampolines three try one, but before we drop the car, i want to quickly explain why i was so stoked to receive this challenge. Usually, for my builds, i have an idea and a design and while there's always testing, i've never had the need to actually analyze something using a computer. A lot of you guys know.

I worked for nasa for nine years, but up until about six months ago, i also worked at apple for four years in their special projects group and in both cases. What we did for this video is the best example of what i did on a daily basis. As a mechanical engineer, it's this loop of designing something in cad and then analyzing it to see if it's good enough and then you test it to check your answers. Using computers to analyze a design allows us to build much more complicated systems than before when computers weren't as powerful.

This giant ice block was from one of their drops and you could see how close our analyzed prediction was to what happened in real life. This means we could be confident the trampoline would be strong enough before we even built it, and this idea that we can understand and predict the world around us using math and equations is what first made me fall in love with science. When i took high school physics by doing math, i can tell you it will take exactly 0.83 seconds for this egg to hit the ground. There could be opposing philosophies and governments and opinions around the world and we'll never get agreement on who was most right.

But if all the scientists and engineers on the planet were to get together and hang out, they'd all be friends and they'd be like yeah, we solved it too, and .83 seconds is exactly what we also came up with, and i find that to just kind of Be simple and beautiful covers trampolines three try one. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what the friggin heck it's finished wheels down turn for the dismount. We flipping bounce, the car calf. So that's the only bit of damage.

This is where it plastically deforms and it won't go back to its original shape. Okay, so we got a few of those that did that through. Oh look at this, we just bent this. Oh that's, freaking, one-inch, steel man.

The car must have come down and hit right here on this spot. We didn't want the car to hit the fence, because that would be expensive to repair inches, centimeters, nay millimeters, of clearance, the perfect landing all right, so you thought the car was crazy. Now we're doing a boat, we're doing the boat foreign.

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    Gin Gin Observatory do be pretty cool tho, i live within an hour of there.

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    That was some be when they don't show the ending

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    I'm assuming the undercarriage of the car was covered so no debris hit anyone ?

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    You collabing with them is one of the best thing You have Done on your Channel!❤️✊🏻

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    "walk to this area"
    Me: how long that take you

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    Mark: throws 20 watermelons on the trampoline
    Me: So this is how series and movies get blood.

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    I'm stoked to finally show what it was like working a 'real job' as a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years. This collab was so fun even if I could only understand what the guys were saying 25% of the time. Go watch their video and subscribe and show them some love!

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