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We raised $3.63M in 3 hours! Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and the presenting sponsor YouTube Originals. Also thanks to special guests Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Casey Neistat, Charlize Theron, Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, Guillermo, Jack Black, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Kenan Thompson, Kodi Lee, Marques Brownlee, Matpat, Max Park, Maya Rudolph, MrBeast, Nikkie Glaser, Party Shirt, Paul Rudd, Sarah Silverman, Science Bob, Stephen Colbert, Terry Crews, The Merral Twins and Zack Galifianakis!
Here are more details of how the funds will be distributed by NEXT for AUTISM-
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If you think you might be autistic, your general practitioner doctor can steer you in the right direction to get an official diagnosis. In the meantime, here are some tools that can help:
Online diagnostic questionnaire-
Here are Samdy Sams 18 questions that might indicate you are Autistic:
1. Sensitivity to sensory stimuli, like Light and Sound?
2. Do you notice details that other people don't?
3. Do you consider yourself "Highly Sensitive"?
4. "You have many enthusiasms and get deeply fulfilled by diving into a subject" not sure what the question there would be?
5. Do you have difficulty doing things that other people find easy (like making phonecalls)?
6. Do you feel like an outsider but are unable to figure out why?
7. Have you lost friends without knowing what you did or what went wrong?
8. Do you need time to recharge from social situations.
9. When super stressed, do you explode out of nowhere in an uncharacteristic way?
10. Do you find it hard to let things go? Do you ruminate on potential outcomes of a situation before or after the fact?
11. Are your vocal or facial expressions different from a lot of people?
12. Do you have difficulty organizing daily tasks?
13. Growing up, did you have a fascination with countercultures? Non-traditional interests?
14. Do people call you quirky, shy, or rude without you knowing what you did to acquire those labels?
15. Are you uninterested in the concept of conforming to society's views of you (especially with regards to gender or sexuality?)
16. Do you have nervous ticks such as picking, fidgeting, or tapping that you can't quit without picking up other bad habbits?
17. Can other people easily manipulate you without you realizing what they're doing?
18. Do you identify with all of these things, and feel shocked that other people don't experience life that way?
You can watch her full video here-
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Look at that we're right on time, hi everyone, i'm jimmy kimmel, it's friday night, we are live and streaming to support the autistic community. Those of you watching all around the world welcome to color the spectrum and say hello to mark rober on his own hello. That's right: this is my channel, your house, but my channel. Well, this is going to be a lot of fun.

We have an unbelievable lineup of stars participating in this show tonight, we're already people are already making donations, which is fantastic. Yes, a lot of donations yeah a lot of donations. How much do we have right off the bat, thirty, nine thousand, seven hundred and ninety two dollars and the video that uh that i put out two weeks ago, that maybe that's why a lot of you are here right now. Just from that video we had 975 000.

So i think that puts us over a million. Well you're, the genius, i don't know i'm gon na say that it probably does yeah. Okay. Thank you.

Guillermo guillermo will be our accountant here tonight. So i think we should start by naming some of the stars that you will see tonight. If you stick with us uh we've got jason momoa jack black zach galifianakis, paul rudd, terry crews, andy sanders. Sarah silverman john stewart keenan thompson, sandler conan o'brien, i'm jumping all over yeah bradley uh nikki glazer, paul rudd, charlize theron, mr beast: mask pat the merrell twins, uh john oliver tommy hilfiger john stewart, adam sandler, maya, rudolph science, bob fluge felder will be with us cody Lee will be with us and, of course, guillermo is with us all night long, so throughout the show tonight we'll be hearing from many different voices in the autistic community.

All these wonderful people are helping us raise money for next for autism, which is an organization that funds programs across the country that help young autistic adults find housing vocational support, social enrichment. Basically, there are lots of support services for autistic kids, but when they graduate from high school there's something called the services cliff, so they're sort of left on their own. Now selfishly, my son will be approaching that cliff soon. So every last dollar raised tonight goes to support these autistic adults in lots of people, specifically we're not doing a fundraiser for mark's son tonight, it's a great cause.

They need. Our assistance explain how this live stream idea came about for the for everyone who doesn't know yeah we well. I made the video about my son two years ago and i sent it to you. I was like jimmy, you know, because we're friends, what do you think i was like my goal, is to raise twenty five thousand dollars? Do you remember what you said? No, i don't.

Okay uh. You said uh yeah, you said, mark uh, you're, crazy, you're, gon na raise millions yeah. Your wife molly was like give him all our money. Give him the house give it all for this cause.

So i'm happy to say you were right. I was wrong. This is exciting. We're gon na raise a lot.

I was finally right on something for the next three hours. We're taking donations in any amount give as much as you can. You can give a dollar if you like, but if you donate at least fifty dollars, you'll get a color of the spectrum. T-Shirt like the one guillermo is modeling right now and if you donate a hundred dollars or more, you get a reflective t-shirt like the one mark is wearing right now you will never get hit by a car.

That's right! Beautiful reflective t-shirt with a little light on it. It sparkles it's amazing. We have hourly goals right, that's right, yes and uh. Basically, we can only meet those goals with your guy's health.

That's right! So we started with a goal for what a million a million like we said - 975 000, already, actually more than that. Now that people have donated, let's see how much they've donated here, we're over a million - it's 1 million 21., all right everybody good night, thanks for watching sorry to all our guests, we ran out of time. So i think we need a new goal. It's time for two two million is our goal now mark has some special stunts planned if we meet our goals along the way and we're giving away some incredible prizes, for instance, we are giving away a new harley-davidson pan america 1250 special - that is a beautiful bike.

All you have to do is click the donate button on the screen. You'll see all the great things you can win tonight. We're keeping track of your donations on our tilterfi, our tiltify leaderboards, which we'll be checking throughout the whole, live stream and guillermo will be keeping track of your comments and sharing those with us. So we're gon na raise a ton of money tonight and we're gon na have fun doing it and just like my videos, i'm gon na sneak in some nutrition for the brain and we're gon na learn some stuff.

Okay and since releasing my own video two weeks ago, i've learned a bunch through so many conversations i've been able to have, but i'll speak to that in a few minutes. But first i'd like to tell you more about why this live stream is so important to me he's in the green room right now he shares half my chromosomes and i think i should go say hi. So while i walk down there, here's a clip from the video i just released about my son. When you first meet someone, he will ask important questions like what your favorite color is, and if your house has stairs and the first chance he gets, he will make you a full-page mural completely covered in about two pounds of your favorite crayon, color and he'll write.

You a personal letter on the back. As you can see, he takes this job pretty seriously, and so we are constantly running out of envelopes and stamps. What's so remarkable to see as his parents is how happy people become when they get one of his letters and the letters themselves certainly aren't any literary masterpiece, but people know they mean something special coming from him. Well, thanks to crayola because they gave us a 10 000 donation, which we will now add to our total and let's go to uh mark and his son, who are in the back marking.

Oh there, they are right there, hey guys, yeah, so all right, buddy um! You have a very important role tonight: okay, okay, because when people are going to donate, you are going to be. Writing them letters all right, all right, no such thing as a free lunch. You know what i mean. So what i want you to do is start coloring and then we'll pick people from the stream and then you can write them a thank you letter and then we'll give it to them.

Is that cool? Okay? What's my favorite thing about you all the people you're always thinking about other people. Why are you doing that? What's your superpower, autism, all right buddy, give me some knuckles now, let's make it a good show all right, so some work is being done backstage right now. Our first celebrity guest is with us. This guy is one of the great stand-up comedians of all time he's giving us his time tonight.

Everybody say hello to chris rock in new york: hey prince! Thank you, hey jimmy, hey man. I missed you on the oscars, the other night. I miss you on the oscars. Even more did you enjoy the show.

I was so amazing and i mean they. I mean no one got offended, so that was the key thing that happened. I guess so that's right. It was, it was a barrel of laughs, that's right.

It was a barrel of laughs chris. This is mark rober and uh. Maybe you saw mark uh and his son and uh. We are raising money for autism tonight.

What would you be doing tonight? What like? What's a typical friday night for chris rock well, you know after i come home from rehab. You know my kid here stay home for a couple of days. Uh i don't do much jimmy, i'm just you know, you're, not out. I get the vaccine weekly.

I get the oh constant, yeah you're, getting it more than twice huh yeah yeah you get the johnson and johnson with chicken mcnuggets. That's not a bad idea! Actually, chris, you uh. You are here, obviously, for the same reason that we are here tonight and um, and it's more interesting because we have an audience who might not even know. Well, they probably know you they a lot of them.

Don't know me a lot of them do know, mark and um, so for those who are are confused as to who these people doing this fake talk show are right now go ahead and explain yourself. Well, you know, you know. A lot of people probably know me, as you know, a stand-up or you know actor sometimes, but the kids know me as marty, the zebra from that's right. That's the biggest thing i've ever done.

Anything i ever will do is be marty, the zebra madagascar. Well, what i'm gon na do tonight? I'm gon na auction off a chance for any parent to buy a phone call from marty the zebra to their kid now i'll say anything. You want me to say uh any anybody. I've talked to any kid i'll talk to any adult from my body to zebra.

Send some money please well who wouldn't want to call for marty the zebra. I might don't. I might been on this one myself. Well, thank you chris um.

That's you know what that's a great thing and uh, of course, kids all love that movie, and i think that would be something that a lot of parents and maybe even some weird adults might be interested in i'm sure some freaky adults. If an adult wants to speak to the zebra, with that, i would be okay with that. Yes, i would okay, i would love what if somebody would like uh sex talk from marty, the zebra. Why please? I would love anybody that wanted sex talk for me, hey! Let's keep it clean here, we'll keep it very.

It's going to be very, very clean tonight. Well, we just want to thank you uh for donating your time and this amazing prize uh a call from marty the zebra to this uh great cause and uh. Thank you. Chris, chris rock everybody: what's that chris, you should uh host the oscars next year.

I'm sure a lot of people would pay for that all right. Thank you. Chris brock. You can enter to win a message from martin zebra.

If you give 10 or more tonight, just click donate and then choose message from zebra on the donation page. When you check out, should we see how we're doing let's check out the leaderboard here? Okay, all right! Oh look at that! Look at this at the top of the leaderboard is crayola crayola. They donated ten thousand dollars and at number two. Oh, this is great baby doll and tonya dixon now baby james baby doll dixon is um is a very powerful talent manager.

He donated he and his wife donated 2 500, which is good, but i will tell you that's his monthly cigarette budget, that is, that is um an outrage. This is a man who has multiple homes, outrage and um. Shame on him for only donating twenty five hundred dollars. He negotiated my deal with discovery.

You and him go back 40 years, he's a multi-millionaire 2. 500. It's hopefully baby doll is going to get a good at least beat crayola wow jackson k donated 2 000 straw. Ethan and rich tim c john lyons, the williams family, seymour bg, nathaniel kaza brent david aaron winbury - that is our leaderboard right now you can get on it 100.

Right now i thought. Maybe we got a baby update out of baby doll, but it's still 2500.. All right all right, we're up to 198 plus thousand dollars right now tonight we're raising funds for next for autism and as a charity, the way they operate is they take the money that's raised. Then they find innovative programs at the local level, all around the country.

That support autistic adults, especially like i said, as they transfer into adulthood, because there's that services clip they graduate from high school and they're kind of left alone, yeah every kids, but then people go okay, adults, no thanks and one of the organizations next for autism works With is exceptional minds, this is an la non-profit and it's an academy and studio that prepares young adults for careers and entertainment in the digital arts and animation, even during the pandemic. Exceptional minds continue to educate the students from all over the country remotely this june. Their next class graduates and will prepare for jobs on movies on tv shows even on video games. So look at what they're doing exceptional minds is a vocational training program for young adults on the autism spectrum, who want to have careers in computer animation and visual effects.

I think young people with autism are totally underestimated. Lloyd was part of our inaugural class, and his talent was an immaculately, precise eye. He can spot something that most people would overlook a thousand times shadings and lightings and textures to make it the way. It looks in movies the computer empowered him he can do almost anything, animation and graphics and titles.

This is a digital cleanup, you having fun doing it. Yes, it's estimated that 90 to 95 of young adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed. There's so many young adults coming into the system that there really aren't enough programs out there. A lot of young adults still live at home.

A lot of them suffer from depression and are very isolated from the rest of the world, and the opportunities for them are very limited. We want to develop careers for our young adults, we have a work, readiness program. We also have our own in-house studios, so they can work on real projects. We outsourced about 30 40 shots to the team.

Here they did fantastic work that we can put into a movie and be proud of it. It's great, i mean we want to do it again. It's definitely floyd. It's been almost a miracle.

I mean it's something, that's that important to him and something he's proud about. I like working at em, it's a place where i can go. It's very comfortable people who are different are what give us any form of progress, different ideas, different ways of doing things. Exceptional minds exists as an example that trusts people to rise, above whatever their limitations are and do what it is that they want to do what they were meant to do.

The graduates of exceptional minds go on to work for companies like marvel cartoon network nickelodeon, and we have one of them with us via zoom tonight: meet kate, jorgensen, hello, kate, hi guys. How are you hey, kate, i'm great happy to be here. You were a student of exceptional minds right yeah, that's correct! I am an exceptional minds alumni. How did you find out about the program? So it's actually really funny, because i found out about exceptional minds completely by accident.

At the time i was in community college. After barely making it through high school really struggling with grades and not having a big, very active social life, when my mom was looking through the sunday paper and found this parade article, this little pamphlet and she handed it to me - she said kate. I need you to read this and i'm looking through it and it talks about this place called exceptional minds: a school for young adults on the autism spectrum, specifically to learn about the animation in vfx industry, which was something that i had always wanted to do. But never thought possible suddenly just stapled right there in a nice little pamphlet and handed to me as an option to go and what was it about the program that worked well for you.

What specifically, was it that they do at exceptional minds that helped you so exceptional minds is an amazing three-year program. It's very small classroom numbers with large amounts of teachers in order to ensure that every individual student is getting their needs met. It's split into the first year, being all about learning the basics and intros to all the programs that are needed in order to make it in the animation industry. It also teaches you work, readiness and vocational skills as well.

This is learning how to shake hands. This is learning how to write, resumes go to interviews. This is learning how to get a job, along with the skills needed to actually work and and kate uh. Correct me, if i'm wrong, but who and have you graduated now right and like where are you working? So i want you guys a little secret here i never graduated see i got fired out second year.

Oh exceptional minds was like here. You want an internship to nickelodeon, let's get you one, we worked hard and at the end of the internship nickelodeon looked at me and said, kate, you know we have a position open. Would you like to apply and i went yes, i would of course i was scared, but exceptional minds being the program that it is. They sat me down they're like here's, the pros and cons we're going to take you through this.

Do you want to work at nickelodeon? I want yes and what we're going to get you there and now i work in nickelodeon wow, i'm it's unbelievable yeah! That's great! Hey! If i can ask one more question, if you don't mind how how old were you when you were diagnosed and then kind of what was that experience when you went to work at exceptional minds and kind of like met other folks who were like you yeah? So i actually got diagnosed um about when i was 16 going on 17 years old and it took me a long time to get that diagnosis. Despite the fact that i had some like pretty like severe like autistic traits and behaviors, because just 10 years even 10 years ago, what autism looked like was not how my autism presented itself and that's the thing everyone on the spectrum is different and that's the thing About exceptional minds that really made a difference was even though we were all different and all had different struggles and different victories. We found a sense of community some place where autism was not shamed. It was not this dirty word and this secret thing that you had to hide.

It was celebrated and embraced. That's great! Thank you, kate, and congratulations on on all the success you're. Having and good luck there at nickelodeon. Thank you so much, and thanks to everyone, who's donating to support programs like exceptional minds, you saw what what they do right there.

That's right! So as a result of telling the story of my autistic son and what that looks like for my family, i've had a tsunami of folks reaching out to tell me their own stories. Some were friends with, or parents of someone autistic, but many were from the self-advocacy community. That's people who are autistic and are able to advocate for themselves. There are many personal takeaways from those conversations, but probably the biggest was realizing.

There's a lack of representation from actually autistic people when it comes to making decisions and providing services for other autistic people, like my son now historically, a lot of charities and advocacy work has been started by folks like myself, who are parents of autistic children and oftentimes. Those children have higher support needs and so a disproportionate amount of the conversation and the funds and the programs gravitate towards those situation. Now. No one knows my son better than us as his parents, but at the same time i've never walked a mile in his brain.

So it makes sense that i would want folks, like kate, who we just heard from helping direct the programs that will best help my son, because she can draw on her own experiences in a way that i just can't. So we asked a group of self-advocates. What could we do to help this fix this lack of representation, and we got the following recommendations that we think are pretty good. So if you recall next for autism serves as a facilitator, giving money and resources to local programs like exceptional minds, we just learned about well.

At least one million of the funds raised tonight will go to autistic-led organizations that are serving the adult autistic population and an advisory board that includes independent autistic self-advocates will determine which programs are selected next for autism, we'll also host a series of really important conversations with The greater autism charitable community, featuring and led by autistic self-advocates i'll put a link in the video description for those who want more details, but we're all hopeful. This is a good first step in the right direction towards a better future for everyone in the community, including my son, and don't worry, i cry a lot on tv, also um. That probably won't be the last time it happens tonight. So, let's just get it out there, i do want to quickly mention that james baby doll, dixon dropping like a rock right now, uh he's down to number six snap travel is up at number two.

Thank you. Snap travel hussein, pj gallagher, the la scala family, lumi, deodorant uh, rivals, group straw, the palagi family, cranky, nerd, customs, brandon r. Thank you all for donating and get on to get on the leaderboard. Now it takes 250 000 to be in the top 100..

Oh, i also want to say uh because there is no such thing as a free lunch. My son will be writing custom letters for everyone in the top 100 by the end of the night. I've been the recipient of one of those letters and they are the best for sure. So, hey we! Oh by the way we have not just great comedians and and great uh uh people from the world of acting etc.

We have a very talented musical guest with us tonight. You probably know him from america's got talent. The video of his audition performance has almost 65 million views on youtube. He won season 16 of agt and he's with us tonight.

Please give a warm welcome to cody lee and his mom tina hi, guys hi cody hi tina thanks for joining us. Yes, thank you. This is great thanks for having us it's great to have you here, appreciate it hi cody. How are you i'm good excellent cody? I'm really excited to hear you play now tina.

I spoke with you on the phone and um. You know sometimes there's a mismatch between you know. What's going on in cody's mind and and what he's saying can you kind of speak to us yeah um? It's kind of like he. He takes a little bit longer to process so like when you ask him a question.

He understands what you're asking, but he can't put it form it together, because it's almost like, if you think of like a tv like a cord and you think, there's all these hundreds or thousands of wires that are twisted. Some of those might be a little bit broken so he's trying to like figure out how to you know to connect it as a sentence. So that way he can uh. You know, just you know, give you a sentence back and answer the question.

So that's where he kind of you know: uh has a little issue with that. I see how old was cody when you realize how much talent he had. He was actually two so he's two years old, because his dad played mary had a little lamb and he just reached over and copied us so yeah. So that's when we found out he had talent, but it was actually at age.

Seven is when we went to a specialist and that's when we found out that he was a like one of 25 in the world which we found out. He was a musical prodigious, savant, amazing and uh, so talented and tonight we're going to spin a wheel. We have a wheel of songs. These are um songs that uh cody is willing to perform for us tonight guillermo.

Why don't you give that wheel, a spin, and then we will let faith decide what song cody lee sings for us tonight. Oh one of my favorites right there tennessee whiskey, cody, you know tennessee whiskey, right, heck, yeah, all right here we go you're as smooth as trying to see whiskey you're swinging, a strawberry wine you're as fun as glass of brandy and honey. I stay stoned on your love for the time for us soon, whiskey cody is going to be back to do another song a little later in the show that was great cody. Thank you.

Thank you. You could stick around with us yeah. We knew that we weren't going to be able to sift through all your comments ourselves. So our moderator, as far as comments go, is going to be guillermo guillermo.

Why don't you go see what people are saying right now and we'll read some of the names laura and harry slatkin are at the top of the list. Now laura and harry donated ten thousand dollars, pj gallagher um, let's see who else mark bowman, uh rivals group. We got them kathy and dave. Fuller and tfm have all jumped into our uh our top and baby dolls.

Still at 2, 500. baby doll's, still at 2 500. he's gon na have to he can, by the way you can get it up baby doll. Okay, i do want to thank a couple sponsors here: uh conagra foods, 10k uh-huh put that on the board new york life investments, love em, 25k, nice guide, house, 50k wow.

Oh, you got zach too. Oh yeah avenue capital group, ten thousand dollars. Thank you for those donations guillermo, not that you didn't do a good job. Reading the comments, but we've hired a professional you'll still get to read some of the comments, but i want to go to our professional comment: reader right now and um yeah.

Let's get some! Let's check in with him hi hey. Can you guys hear me? Yes, hey jimmy hey mark thanks for letting me uh be a part of this um. It's actually pretty slow in the comment. Uh section right now it is so um really guillermo disagrees.

Yeah cause guillermo. Just said that it was my is moving very much in my browser yeah, that's a good idea, yeah step one. You know where the browser button is maurice, maurice yeah. I just need to know what the you know what uh yeah okay.

Well, i guess i think, we're having some technical issues with zach and his bowser we'll check back in with zach a little bit later nasa that's what we refer to as a critical oversight. We got ta start with the browser being open, uh we're gon na. Do a little bit of a stunt uh, so i brought the world's largest nerf gun with me. Is this really the world's largest nerf? This is this: is the guinness world record holding world's largest, i feel like? I could build a bigger one than this? Okay, let's see what you got! Okay, all right! I brought this on your show.

Do you remember that i do remember? Yes, i remember it fondly now. Ordinarily, i only um, who is this beautiful, half man that you've stuck on a chair by our doors? I don't know we just what's the kid who's that you shoot the apple off. What is that william, tell william tell there yeah right. That's uh is that's william towel.

Well, it looks good yeah. Normally i pressurize this to like 80 psi yeah, but based off all the donations we're at 100 right now, oh excellent! Well, it's bad news for the mannequin, but uh all right, okay! So the idea is, you are going to fire at a very high rate of speed, uh nerf, what dart yeah and then i'm gon na hit that apple right off his head. You're gon na knock the apple right off the mannequin's head. Wouldn't this be more fun? If we did this with a live human being, are you volunteering uh? No, i'm not! Okay! All right! Here we go three.

Two one! You missed! That's all right, yeah! Well, what are you going to do right, uh? How much do you think that cost, oh with the door yeah uh, i don't know, probably five thousand dollars, yeah yeah, you heard the man we need to add another five thousand dollars donation challenge. Tonight, yeah, that's incredible! Yes, that was uh. Well, it's a good thing. We didn't have anybody standing behind that door.

This live stream is called color the spectrum because of the autism spectrum, which you know about, but let's break down what that really means mark go ahead because i don't know anything yeah. So spectrum means there's a wide range of uh people with different experiences who have autism there's a saying that if you've met one autistic person, you've met exactly one autistic person, because while there certainly are some common threads, everyone on the spectrum is unique with their own Set of challenges and opportunities, my video about my son, certainly doesn't represent every autistic person, and one goal for tonight is to hear from a bunch of voices from across the whole spectrum. So you can appreciate uh like just how broad it actually is. So we asked some folks to record us a video and just openly said just hey tell us what it means for you to be autistic.

What would you want people to know about your experience with autism? One of the positive things about having autism is that you know that because of it you know that there's something special that you can bring to the table. You know that you are going to make a positive impact in the world in someone's life, but i think the downside in that is that, when in doing that, you feel like that there's an invisible wall, that's put up that prevents you from from doing that, and So you really have to make sure that you're stepping out of your comfort zone, you have to make sure that you feel uncomfortable. You know you have to try new things and you also have to utilize every single resource that is within your disposal to make sure that you are making the most of your full potential hi. My name is zachary stiger and i am a 30 year old autistic person having gone to grade school high school and college without fully understanding why i socialize differently from others.

I was diagnosed with autism at 23.. Being a black occupative person has its set of challenges and advantages, for instance, knowing that i socialize differently from other people is sometimes lonely, but it has instilled a great sense of right and wrong in me. Helped me to understand social justice issues and helped me realize what i really won't tolerate in social relationships and friendships. I use these experiences and values to empathize with the clients that i work with at urban autism solutions and i'm able to tailor my interactions with these clients accordingly, having autism to me means i am very quirky, very passionate about certain things and constantly doing things with My body to stimulate and tick and make myself feel more comfortable.

I am constantly thinking about my actions and reactions in certain situations, even afterwards and before i plan them out, and then i reconsider them for days. I have practice conversations in the car for certain important events and i'm constantly paranoid about acting correctly to make sure other people aren't uncomfortable there you go, everybody is different. Everybody is very, very different. Okay.

Well now, it's time to play a game and we've invited our friend youtuber podcaster and tech support king, my buddy marquez brownlee he's going to join us here. Hey marquez, so marquez makes amazing videos on the internet. He breaks down the latest tech and it's just smooth and polished. No one is more buttery smooth than marquez.

If you don't know, marquez's videos go watch them not right now, don't watch them right now. Watch them when we're done, but uh we're gon na play. Marquez cap or no cap all right now, i'm gon na invent something. I had no idea what cap meant.

I thought it was the thing that goes on your head yeah before today, yeah so cap or no cap and cap is a lie. Oh no right! Yeah cap, so you don't know either yeah. No, i know. Oh i'm cool dumb question marquez.

What is cap mean yeah help us out you get beside yeah besides the famous mark robert cap cap would be not true, and then no cap would be true. So we're trying to figure out which one is cap that would be which one is the lie. Okay, this the game is just trying to figure out the title of the game so far, but so we'll show a bunch of real inventions and a bunch of fake ones and marquez. You have to tell if, if it's cap a fake invention, a lie, something we made up or no cap a real one and uh.

So marquez will play jimmy and i will play we legitimately, don't know if they're real and then you guys could play in the comments and guillermo will kind of keep us appraised. These are diagrams we're going to see of things and we have to decide whether they're real and, i think, that's right, which, by the way, would have been a much better title for this game. All right all right here we go. Let's take a look at our first item now.

The idea is we decide if this is real, which is no cap or something made up which is cap yeah? Well, it looks like a branch marquez. What do you think you're seeing is i'm not seeing much? I mean it just looks like a tree: that's cut in half. I could see that existing yeah. I could see it existing.

I can't see anyone trying to patent it. It looks like a patent drawing though yeah sorry, but there's some crazy go ahead. These are hard. Can i phone a friend yeah there will be uh, you know once we've locked in our answers.

There's a they're going to there's a couple: tick talkers named party shirt, who do this called cap, or no cap and they're, going to weigh in and tell us, but okay. But first everyone needs to lock in your answers. Okay, i'm gon na say that i think it's a not a real thing, so i say cap yeah. What do you say? Let me let me i'm gon na i'm gon na side with you.

I think this is not a patentable thing. I'm saying cap, i i think you guys underestimate the amount of stupid patents exist in the world, and i think this is absolutely true, which means this is the hardest part of the game is saying knowing what to say. Okay, no cap, all right! Well, let's see what um guillermo, what are we seeing more or less uh? I say no captain, okay! No! But what are the comments saying? Oh, not that we don't care about you! Oh sorry, i thought you guys can't, but okay, no! No! I remember that thing about reading the comments. Yeah that comment.

They say no cap jimmy they say no cap. Oh yes, all right. All right, i'm sure there's some dissension but um all right. So where are we going to? Let's roll the clip yeah, let's find out? No cap, so this one was invented in 1999.

The pattern was approved in 2002 because you know it's so hard to find a good stick. These days yeah, you know you could just buy it or walk out your front door and pick one up off the ground. So your pick - all right - i was right - marquez was right. Mark was wrong.

Wait! No! It was a patent right, no you're wrong yeah. I think we were wrong what a dumb game, the double negative messes with your head. I know it's ridiculous. So that's a real thing or not a real thing.

That's a real patent! Oh okay! Let's do another! Okay! What's up next, all right, all right all right, so this is like a toupee for deer yeah, so you can buy so you there's headband with moose, antlers or deer antlers on them. I don't see why that wouldn't exist. That's an easy, halloween costume to type thing right. I'm saying it's literally a cap, but i'm going to say no cap.

Uh now listen! I agree with you marquez, but why would a deer wear something like that? I mean like i guess it was trying to masquerade as a male or what i mean. What would be the reason for that? Wouldn't that go on a human head? Huh. I don't know great point. I don't know you've locked in marquez.

That's a really good point. Yeah yeah, ah okay, i locked in you locked it. That is a really good point. What did you say? Marquez figured it was.

You said no cap, i said uh. I said no cap, okay, i say no cap, halloween costume. Mark i just from a physics standpoint. I don't think that would work like the antlers would be heavy and it would fall off.

So i don't think that's true guillermo. What are the comments are saying? Uh david, say, cap uh, catherine, say cap yeah bear with me, everybody say most of them say: cap jimmy yeah. I can't even remember what i chose, but let's um, let's go to the guys and find out cap yeah guys, so this one was solely for the purpose for deer or whatever bucks that have lost their horns just to give them new horns. That's interesting! It is unfortunately, not real.

It would make a great halloween costume, they're right. It would find those on yeah all right, all right, so you're two for dude, let's go to the net car all right, so this is some kind of uh. What the heck is this? A human-sized turtle, shell yeah, i guess this could be a costume right, although costumes are probably not part of the game marquez. What do you think in here yeah? I was tricked by the last one thinking it'd be it would be a costume, but this one looks.

I just doesn't just doesn't look real. I don't really have any good answers. Uh, i'm saying this is cap. Okay, and how is that guy squatting down what happened to his whole lower body? I mean where is it yeah? It looks like some sort of protective element like a natural turtle.

I'm i'm saying cap. This is you're, saying cap i'll, say cap as well marquez. What do you say? He said cap yeah guillermo? What are the comments or say most of the comments say: cap wow, wow, unified cap, let's roll the answer cap, so this one is ridiculous and honestly you think it would be true. It worked for the ninja turtles.

So why can't it work for us? I wish it was. Everyone wants to join the turtle club, oh wow, so we're really smart. It turns out yeah. Should we do one more yeah? Let's our final one, i think, is an actual physical.

Oh, it's a physical item, yeah! Oh! What the hell is that? What do you got here? Okay, so now we have to decide whether um somebody made this as a joke or somebody who was crazy, made it for real yeah. So we got roller skates roller skates for your hands. Basically marquez. Can you see these, i see it i'm trying to.

I don't think this is mass-produced, but i'm also, i have no problem picturing somebody putting their hands in these and just rollerblading around on their hands. I don't know why i can imagine it too yeah like a wizard of oz too. I think they're the monkey guys who are like rollerblade hands and legs. I don't know, there's a sequel to the wizard of oz, yeah yeah.

What if yeah, you had regular skates on your feet and you had them on thing and then you were able to do a handstand and just roller skate and, however, you were yeah yeah all right, so the question is, as marketplace mark has pointed out. Obviously it exists, someone make this, but is it mass-produced? Can you buy this uh-huh and i think, although it's a great idea, i'm saying cap, i don't think it's. I don't think it's made, i'm gon na say no cap. I think it is made.

Let's say i want it to exist, i want it to exist. I'm saying no cap, please exist marquette and guillermo. What are the comments? You're saying most of the comments say cap all right, we're split, let's find out what the guys say cap. Yes, this one is absolutely absurd.

Okay, i'd love to see this in action in real life. Yes, i can't even roll this game with my face, so i'd be lost right with the hands right. Exactly is it maybe it's maybe we'll prove ourselves to be correct in the future as those are manufactured and we become billionaires, excellent, all right. Thank you, marquez.

I think um you did. I don't remember how you did, but all i know is we're up to over a million and a half dollars right now, which is the most important thing. Should we give the rest of this yeah all right, we're gon na figure that out all right? Well, thanks to marquez for joining us and uh, thanks to whoever made those uh ridiculous feet, hand skates. Oh, i just got word.

We have a special uh greeting from our friend, whose name is jack black hey. What's up, it's me, jack black! You guys are given to an amazing cause next for autism, and the people at next for autism have asked if i would do some asmr for the charity and of course i will, but now i'm realizing that i'm super hungry and i'm gon na eat some delicious Food, the same time, if it's okay with you so sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious asmr with me, jack black enjoy you're gon na be relaxed as hell, oh, my god dude that tastes so good! That's what the pickle did a little taste of italy! Did you ever see, lady in the i realized that was so quiet? My gosh dumplings dumplings have special significance to make cause of kung fu panda, i'm bo the kung fu panda and he loved dumplings too. Oh my god i'd, say so good asmr. Now i'm gon na eat some nachos.

I was in a movie called nacho libre and i played a character named nacho. So this has special significance. It's so delicious! Oh wait! A second did you get that oh yeah baby, i'm more rocks and jello? Oh, that's a good sound check. It sounds like a juicy fade.

You know what girls call it yellow, there's an urban legend that that a dude ate four packs of pop rocks and drink. Some soda bob and his head exploded only one way to find out. If it's true i'mma do it right now, i don't know how it helps the charity, but i think it's like really good content. Don't call me a hero, i'm just a guy doing his part, whose idea was this.

Oh, this has been jack black, delicious asmr, i'm well, it's okay! Very nice! No! Don't burn a little bit, though yeah it feels like. I have a million crickets in my head there. Our next guest is a world famous cuber. You know what a cuber is.

Somebody who solves rubik's cubes at record speeds you can learn all about it and him in the netflix documentary speedcubers joining us tonight with his mom. Please welcome max park. Hey max, hey max thanks for coming, it's good to see you buddy. I saw your documentary and you are incredible and very good at this.

Thank you. The world champion, you're, probably better than at this than i am even i mean that's - how good um so which world records does max hold match, which world records four by four five by five, six by six, seven by seven and one-handed? And so, and what did you know that you had this amazing talent um when he was like nine or ten, and we were looking for something to help him by motor skill, so we kind of solved status. All this rubik's cube and he started solving like 20 seconds well, i know you've actually you've accomplished a lot. You've set a lot of world records, but you're about to get a real challenge now max and that real challenge is, are you faster than we are? We are so we have ties here and you are going to solve a three by three cube and you want to see if you can beat jimmy and i tying a necktie.

What not are we going to be using here? Uh, the double windsor, the double windsor? Oh boy, i made that up. Is that a thing? Okay, all right! Max um! You tell us mom, you tell us when to start and then we'll uh, we'll start. Okay, you be the official starter. Okay, three you're cheating, you can't yeah! You are already cheating all right.

How fast can we do it? Uh? Not at all. That's the answer. Yeah, okay, three, two one go all right! Oh no! I forgot i'm gon na, be i'm embarrassed to tell you that i'm an adult man who has another adult man who ties his entire corner hold on. I just need another 10 minutes max wow, that's unbelievable! All right! This is where i landed.

Oh i'm still working on mine all right um. Should we try another channel? Let's, let's try this we'll try and chug a soda and then max how about i heard you can do it one-handed? Is that true? Okay, what one handed okay max now it's another race! Yeah, we'll put it down mom, you give us the start. Okay, three two one go i'd, be better with a beer than a soda. Here we go, i'm drinking one-handed too.

Ah it burns wow. I can't believe this. Oh, my god, it seems like it seems, like somebody sped that up to some super fast motion or something that is crazy. That is incredible.

What about five by five, though max? There's no way you could beat us at five by five while we try to eat what five saltines yeah with a little bit of water. First of all, there's no way anyone could even solve that uh. It's six saltines, six saltines all right! Here we go. We should have done the saltiness first and then the soda.

That's well we're not that smart. All right, we are over two okay max. Are you ready, buddy, ready, ready, yep? Three, two one? Oh hmm hello, oh, i was very close. Unbelievable max wins all three run.

The table welcome back. Thank you very much. Thank you beautifully done. Thank you very much max park, everybody and guess what, if you donate in the next 15 minutes, you get a chance to win one of max's rubik's cubes.

If you max, if they use this rubik's cube, will they be as fast as you are? No, they will not be there so or maybe we'll sign the cube so they're worth less than they were when they were. Thank you again max. Thank you. Everybody max's cubes on the donation, page you'll be entered to win one of those world.

Record-Setting rubik's cubes we'll announce the winners later in the live stream. I still have at least two and a half saltines in my mouth right now, i'm struggling yeah pop rocks. It's all in there. You know what wash it down with pop rocks.

Thank you again max thanks. Thank you thanks tina, so - and this is a good time to point out too, that you know it's a common misconception that everyone on the autistic spectrum has some amazing ability. You know like what max is able to do or cody. You know the truth is it's actually pretty rare, but it's really impressive to see it when it happens, so my son just finished his first, his first personalized letter to one of our donates donator, so our uh donors.

So first, first of all, thank you for youtube. Originals for supporting this uh yeah thanks to the youtube originals, who really helped to make this possible okay. So dear noga, thank you for your kindness and for donating to help out autistic people. Like me, you help make the world a better place.

Love mark's! Son! That's sweet and also one to the chang family um so, and you know, like i said i, he really uses like a pound of crayons on every single one of these. You have to use crayolas the really thick ones, because otherwise you know they know. It's amazing that your son wrote letters to me and to my wife and to my kids and for each of us he picked out a color and uh and - and he remembers all of the colors and he um specifically the color of every letter that he wrote In the letter and each color represents his what he thinks of us in some way, that's right, you were black. Mine was vomit colored yeah.

I was black yeah. So again, the top 100 donors uh we'll get a a signed letter from my son and we will continue to randomly pick people out uh for any size donation and you will get a letter sent to you. Yes, well, that was uh, but only if you donate, you still have to donate. You have to do it.

I know i don't know about you, but after those saltines and pop rocks, i'm a little hungry. Are you hungry, i'm very hungry? So this will be a good time for a snack and the nice folks at weiss, cut wack castle sent us a big donation and a lot of food to keep us going. Uh guillermo did the white castle arrive yet guillermo? Where is guillermo? Where is he guillermo? Guillermo did the white castle arrive? Oh maybe he's out getting it. I don't know where's guillermo guillermo, oh guillermo.

Did we get the white castle? No? Not yet jimmy. Are you sure, because it looks like a bunch of empty white castle boxes, no jimmy they sent empty boxes? Why would they do something like that? That doesn't make sense guillermo, listen mark? Do you speak english? I say empty boxes, that's what they said. All right. You don't have to get surely here so you're saying you didn't, eat all the white castle by yourself no way jose all right.

Well, thanks to white castle for donating 120, 000 and according to guillermo a bunch of empty boxes. Let's add that total to our grand total white castle, 120 000 we're up to 1.80 million dollars, so here's something actually cool. We partnered uh with ty warner, the company that makes beanie babies uh to make an official color of the spectrum beauty babies. Now, if you watch the video with my son, where we have a routine every night with stuffed animals uh a lot of those are actually thai, so they reached out and they actually made this this special edition, beanie baby.

Just for us and my son named it and its name is max and he even wrote on the tag right there. You can see it says uh max the dog. My birthday is: may uh april 2nd world autism awareness day. That's pretty good! You know my cousin sal collects beanie babies, oh really yeah.

He put all his money into beanie babies and um we're really hoping it's going to pay off. Instead of crypto. He went he with the beanie babies yeah. So that's max the dog named by mark's son and it's got the hang tag and the whole deal and if you want to uh, you want to get a beanie baby.

How do we get a beanie baby uh, the beanie baby, which is limited edition um? I guess you can just hit donate and pick beanie baby on the uh to get your own little max and you'll get a promo code within 72 hours of the purchase on the thai website. Will it will be redeemed, so i don't know how it works. He'll get to you, he'll find you they always find a way. Yeah he's peeing on me, okay, and i think, because we have these, you know what we've done so well so far we started the stream off so strong uh.

I think we end the first hour. Just a crazy, let's stuff one of these beanie babies in the nerf gun, i think that's a great idea. Okay, very good, all right! Sorry max! Is it smart mark to look right into the nerf gun? No, it is not. It is not! No! That's! Okay! Not gun safe, it's like a human cannonball, all right, putting max right! Well, they're, not humans, it's more of a canine ball and really they're, not even dogs, they're, just fabric yeah, okay, all right! So what are oh guillermo? Oh look at this guillermo's got his catcher.

Okay, all right, i'm ready. We got mike piazza over here in his uh catcher's gear jimmy. Should we go to 80 psi or 100? Let's go to a thousand. Can we go to a thousand? No okay, all right go as high as you can.

Let's do this? Okay, all right ready, guillermo i'll, give you a little signal. Okay, all right! Something came flying out of that thing. That was an unregulated piece yeah, thank god, guillermo you're, lucky to be alive all right. Well, we still have hours of celebrity guests and major giveaways, but first i'm feeling a little woozy.

I need some energy and who better to spark energy than the one, and only terry crews - hey everybody. Thanks to your incredible generosity, you've earned a pep talk from me. Terry crews, so listen closely. You are all so much stronger than you think everybody around you can see it.

Even if you can every single person watching this has a bright shining light inside of them and we're all waiting for you to share it with us, except for greg greg you're exactly as strong as you think. You are probably weaker. If i'm being honest and that light of yours, it's already shining too bright, turn that light down greg the rest of you, though this is your year. If you've been waiting for a sign this is it go big, go wild dream, big! If your dreams - don't scare, you well guess what they aren't big enough, not great, though greg this sign is not for you.

Your dreams need to be smaller. For instance, you're, never gon na be a professional poker player. You start sweating when you have a good hand. All your friends know it too.

That's why you keep losing money to all the non-greg's, though, once you found your passion, don't let anybody tell you to quit, not the world, not me, especially not that tiny voice in your head. You know what you want now go. Get it period greg to be clear, you can ignore that. I am explicitly telling you to quit.

A podcast about nuts was a bad idea six months ago, and it's a bad idea now sell that audio equipment on door and use it to cover your poke losses. Greg look you're, not a bad guy. This just isn't the message you need to hear right now. This is for people who don't believe in themselves.

You already believe in yourself way too much. For instance, do you really think you're pulling off that shirt? It probably would be best if you just left, go ahead, i'll, wait the rest of you, though you can do literally anything. Oh wait, not nicole, though well we're getting a call from another celebrity guest who says she has something important to talk to us about. Oh, it's friend to all sarah silverman sarah hi, sarah hi hi jimmy hi mark hello, wow, sarah! I am just why didn't you say: hi jimmy and then hi mark, like hi jimmy uh whatever and then hi mark, like you really like mark? Oh i'm sorry.

I forgot about your your needs: yeah um hi jimmy! Thank you, oh, how nice? What are you doing here? Sarah? What's going on, i'm so excited to be here for color the spectrum, what a great cause, what a great platform to talk about! You know me and what i have going on and because connected i'm doing something to help people ma i'm starting an organization based on my personal teachings that will help people make all their dreams come true for a small fee. You know this sounds like one of those um uh. What do you call it? Self-Improvement cults jimmy you are so cute cults. Don't call themselves cults, it's a self-improvement religion.

Oh i see. Okay, i apologize. I'm sorry, you know jimmy it's not about giving people a fish. It's about teaching them to fish for a monthly fee that gets automatically taken out of your credit card under the rust proofing.

Oh okay and i know what you're thinking too you're thinking. Oh she's, just a dumb comedian. What does she know? Trust me?.

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