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I built a new massive secret lab that the average person will ever find because the only way in is through this fake old dusty office, but i'm gon na give you guys a hint and if you want a small taste for what's inside well, this is a Tennis ball cannon - and this is my childhood: hero nitro from the tv show american gladiators and he's gon na try and shoot me with the tennis ball cannon from the show. As i try and not get shot, the only problem is i've made some modifications to the cannon and it shoots tennis balls stronger than the original like a lot stronger. But before we see if i actually live i'd like to introduce you to my brand new willy wonka factory for engineering, i've been secretly designing and constructing over the past year and a half not only have i been making all the builds for my youtube videos here, But it's also the birthplace for the most ambitious thing i've ever done, which i'll show you in a few minutes. It's got secret, passageways and ten thousand dollars in a glass suitcase.

If you can fire a tennis ball into the bullseye, the world's longest hot wheels track rooms that magically reveal themselves and a handful of some new engineering inventions that i came up with just for the lab, since i was like eight years old. I've had this dream to design and build my own warehouse, and this is it welcome to crunch labs. So today i'm gon na walk you through my 10 favorite things about this place and then at the end of the video i'll, explain how you can actually come out here to build with me and my team for a day with that, let's jump right into number 10, which is basically a way better version of a fireman's pole now the best thing about a fireman's pole is that it's more exciting than using the stairs but other than that they kind of suck. I either do the thing where i hit the ground too fast and burn my hands, or i do the thing where i sort of squeak my way down and i still burn my hands.

So i thought what if you could walk off the balcony holding a rope that ran through some pulleys and was connected to some kind of counterweight? Well, that works great and you land at the perfect speed. As long as you weigh just a little bit more than the counterweight, but unfortunately, if you weigh less you're not going to go anywhere and if you weigh too much more you're still going to land with a crash, if only there is a way to have a Perfect soft landing, no matter what you weigh well, it turns out there is using the power of pneumatics. This is actually the same tube and piston we use for the last devil's toothpaste explosion. Only this time we just let the natural restriction of the air having to squeeze by the piston slow you down.

So, instead of the fireman's pull, we got the fireman's piston, it's so fun and you basically feel like a superhero every time you use it. But, more importantly, it works the same, no matter what you weigh. Here's a family friend who weighs half as much as i do and she sticks the landing like a pro just the same next up. If we walk over here, we see number nine, which is the nerve farmery.
This, of course, allows me to pick my weapon of choice and then to perch myself up here on the balcony to keep an eye on my team and motivate anyone that i think just isn't working hard, but you'll notice there's a second fireman's piston over there. Only the rope on this one has a foothold and lowers half as slow, which means on the way down. You can get real jason born with things the number eight we've got, this cool hangout area on the balcony, overlooking the workspace of course for entertainment up here. We got chopsticks, hey chopsticks play me a banger, the perfect choice, then right here we've got an original blueprint from a mythbusters episode, a couch that transforms into a couch plus as well as a chair that transforms into a chair plus.

Then my super cool brother brian made this super cool old school retro arcade game as a lab warming gif. So i can play all the classics. Then we stole this claw machine from a denny's and filled it with fat, gus plushies and it hides one of the secret passages into space. But i'll show you that one in a second and now it's time for number seven, which next to the fireman's piston showcases.

My second favorite way to make it down to the ground floor now, don't worry! Folks, no mark rovers were hurt in the filming of this segment because down below there is a shipping container with a giant phone print and in addition to allowing for emergency second floor exits. It also allows you to up your nerf battle game, but importantly, the shipping container is on wheels, which means we could wheel it back to its natural habitat in the arena. Room and giant foam pits are awesome for many reasons, but foremost among them is, if you have a buddy who's, a professional ultimate frisbee player. He could toss you some throws, so you can try and be just like him just be prepared that when he does it after you he's gon na make it look much cooler coming in at number.

Six is all the engineering easter eggs that we've hidden around here as an example, let's take the bathroom, which i think we can all agree, is usually pretty boring. First off, we found this regal portrait of what is ostensibly one of fat gus's forebears. But if you look closely here, you'll see, there's a magnetic contact switch and then a magnet on the seat. Lid.

That's because men are pigs and as long as the sensor detects, the seat is in the up position. It will deploy this solenoid and keep the door closed and now with nowhere to go. You've got plenty of time to reevaluate your terrible life choices and then i've always loved the idea from this far side cartoon, which is like a hand wash detector and the best thing about being an engineer is, if there's a thing that doesn't exist and you want It to exist, you can just make it exist, so we have a limit switch here that gets triggered on the flush and then a capacitive touch sensor here that knows, if the faucet's been touched, and then finally a hall effect sensor here, that tells us if the Door is open, and so, if the arduino under here detects that the toilet is flush and then the door has been opened without the signal, the sink has been touched between those two events. Then this flashing light goes off and everyone knows who not to high five.
Honorable mention in the bathroom is the air freshener, which is actually filled with glitter bomb fart spray, because subversion of expectations equals comedy then coming into number. Five is how we actually keep the lab location super secret. If you were to walk it off the street or deliver a package here, this is what you'd see and clearly whoever works here is not who you would expect would be hiding a high-tech, state-of-the-art, willy wonka engineering lab. But when you turn this eagle and the bookshelf slides over revealing a secret passageway down a hallway ending on a dope view of my workbench, but there's an even more secret insurance hidden in this room, you can only access it by putting a quarter in here and Then pushing this button climbing this ladder not only leads you to the underside of the claw machine, where you can put yourself right in the mix of things, but then pushing right here means you've taken the shortcut straight up to the cool balcony hangout area, and i Brought my niece and nephew out here to tour the place, and this was perhaps their favorite part, which just might have cemented my status in my ongoing quest to be the favorite uncle or not.

For my regrettable actions in the foam pit at the conclusion of the tour now, i know what you're thinking it's not exactly secret now that i've shown 20 million people exactly what the secret entrance lobby looks like. But after this i'm going to give this place a complete makeover. So next time you find yourself waiting your turn at the barber or perhaps stuck in the waiting room at the dentist office. You might want to get up and just start moving everything around on display, because the entrance to the crunch lab just might be behind that oversized tooth decay, poster hanging on the wall alright.

So before we get to the final four in the countdown like the world record, hot wheels track or the hidden museum, or even how you could come out here yourself, i need to tell you about what else we do here or why we even call it crunch Labs three of my favorite things are teaching coming up with new ideas and getting people stoked about science and engineering, especially the young folk, and so for over a year. In addition to building this place, i've been working on a way to combine those three things, and here it is, it's called the crunch labs build box and it's a monthly tour that gets delivered to you where we build it together and then explore all the juicy Physics that make it work for a long time. I've had parents reach out to me and say my kid is 8 or 12 years old and they love your videos. They want to be an engineer like you.
How do i foster that passion like what's the first step and i've just never had a great answer for that specific situation until now, let's do an unboxing and see what's inside, oh and by the way. This is precisely where the toys are designed right here in the crunch lab. In fact, this first one is this: super cool, rapid fire, disc launcher. As you know, i love to take something humans do and then build a robot to help me.

Do it way better, like with kicking field goals, skipping rocks, setting up dominoes, bowling, golfing or even throwing bullseyes? Well, now you get to have the same feeling and build a machine that gives you super powers versus someone trying to throw this frisbee with their own lame arm what kind of superpowers? Well, i'm glad you asked we engineered the crud out of this thing to optimize six rapid fire shots for maximum glide with maximum accuracy. You will dominate any mere human who tries to challenge your creation. So when you open the box, the first thing you see is a link to a video where i not only walk you through how to put it together, step by step. But then we talk through all the physics and engineering juicy nuggets that make something like this work.

It's like unlocking your own secret mark rover video every month, only it's better, because you're right there in the trenches constructing your own, build alongside me, allowing the engineering discoveries to really sink in it, basically bumps into all these stationary air molecules and it causes it to Deflect up so, for example, on the disc launcher, we learn all about how useful flywheels are and then each month you earn a gear badge with a different engineering principle and at the end of 12 months it will make a really cool gear train like this, at Which point you unlock my signature to make it all official, so the first video is up in its entirety for free over on the new crunchlabs youtube channel and i'll put a link in the video description. So you can see for yourself that we're not cutting any corners here and then, in addition to the video as backup, we've also got some simple booklet instructions and as not to team trees, team seas and my buddy, mr beast. We maximize for sustainability in our material and packaging choices, even the bags inside are compostable and the disc launcher is just the tip of the iceberg. In another box we built this super cool, rube, goldberg catapult and the gear badge here is for projectile motion.

Here's a robot guaranteed to outdraw your brother, where we learn about linkages or there's this coin, spinner machine that gives you the superpower of spitting a coin better than any human and there we learned about ratchets and you get two of them, so you can compete in A beyblade style fight to the last coin, standing there's a bunch more, but i want it to be a surprise for you. So rest assured we designed our hearts out on every single last one and just like it says, on the box. My goal with crunch labs is to help you think. Like an engineer, that means you think critically, you could break a problem down into manageable steps.
Thinking, like an engineer, makes you a better soccer player or piano practicer or math studier, because you're resilient. You know it's not only okay, but it's important to fail a bunch in order to hit that big breakthrough. That's why it's called crunch labs, so we can crunch and break and fail things. So we can learn fast.

That's literally the process of how i make every single one of my robots that eventually works out. Awesomely, there's just no better teacher than a good crunch along the path to finding the best design. And any good engineer knows that's true. So if you want to fight that summer, brain drain and embark on this year-long journey with me go to crunchlabs.comrober use the link in the video description, whereas an early adopter, special we're giving away two months.

Free supplies are definitely limited on this first run. So if you don't want to miss out be sure to go check out our lovely website after this speaking of which i've just got a shout out, shopify, because that's how we built it, they were super helpful and i've been friends with them for a long time And they give you all the tools to turn your idea into an actual business, all right so continuing on with our top 10 list of the coolest things here at crunch labs at number. Four, if you look right here, we've got the start and finish line of the world's longest hot wheels track at over a half a mile. Here we go now.

The crunch labs is big, but not exactly half a mile big, which is why we had to employ some clever switchbacks to do the trick. But after doing one we realized, it only got us like 10 percent of the way there. So we scaled it up to fill an entire wall. Now we're employing over 75 of the official hot wheels speed boosters to help manage the balance of our potential and kinetic energies because that's allowed in the rules and it's just kind of fun to watch it go back and forth and back and forth.

And so after we make it through the mouse hole and travel around the bend, we complete the loop and set an official new world record next up at number. Three, if you press this button, you obviously shouldn't press, then these mirrors become see-through, revealing sort of a storage room of a bunch of my previous builds. And if you come through this incognito door, you can even see them up close, including the automatic bullseye dartboard. All four glitter bombs, the original double ipad, sweatshirt, halloween costume for my very first video and a handful of other classics as well.
Now, before we wrap it up with the last two coolest things about this place, i just want to submit for honorable mention not only this bike with a legit train horn attached when the bell just isn't cutting it down that's loud, but also to the brainstorm room That has walls covered in floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, which is a feature i stole from my favorite conference rooms at both nasa and apple, as well as this decorative massive ant farm we built for the wall, it's fascinating, to see how they organize and work together like how both Ant colonies instinctively have made a graveyard in the corner for all their fallen comrades and now at number, two we're back with the tennis ball cannon after nitro put it through the wall. Oh, it's literally smoking. We decided to give it the half inch plywood test and you can see it passed with no issues which meant we were left with just one more official scientific investigation to conduct the watermelometer. Now the cool thing here is, you might have noticed this glass suitcase attached to a chain with ten thousand dollars cash in here the deal is you can practice as much as you want, and i've even set up some additional targets for that purpose, but everyone gets Only one official shot in their whole life to hit the bullseye and make it down the tube and into the box to unlock the ten thousand dollar suitcase.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, when you're ready for your official shot, you just sign the wall and now the pressure's really on and as for nitro, i'm gon na be your worst nightmare. Oh, i love it he's talking trash, even though i did make him reduce the pressure to one fifth full power, but at least i survived and finally, the number one coolest thing about this place is: you can actually come here. Every month before we ship out the crunchlab billboxes, i essentially cover my eyes, throw a dart, and then i open whatever box i hit and set this inside. It's called the platinum ticket and if you happen to be the one who gets the box with the ticket inside that month, then you and your family get to come out here and spend a day with me and my team making whatever crazy idea it is.

You want us to build together and because i repeat this every month, that means you have a new chance to win every month and uh. You know i'm no statistician, but supplies are kind of limited on this first run, so early adopters really increase their chances of winning this thing right out of the gate, you can see a link to all the official rules in the video description whoa. So if you needed one more reason to get your build box, so you could have fun hanging out with me a bunch this summer. While you learn to think like an engineer, then there it is so just head to crunchlabs.com markrover or use the link in the video description to get that early adopter special of two months free.
I found that thinking like an engineer and having more of an understanding of the amazing world around us is such a lovely lens from which to experience, life and creating that spark in the next generation of big problem. Solvers is why i can't wait for you guys to see these dang boxes thanks so much for your support over the years, and thanks for watching.

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