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I had 100 cockroaches here and i placed them in this james bond style contraption that turns this ball screw and forces them out after a specified time delay. Then i put in a lunchbox for camouflage and then i release them in this office. Now you might think. That's not very nice mark.

Some people are afraid of cockroaches trust me. I know, and that's exactly the point, because this isn't just any office. This is ground zero for one of those terrible call centers that scams people of their life savings. A year ago, when i released this video about inadvertently stumbling onto the low-level thugs in this international scam operation, i said we were going to glitter about our way all the way to the top, even if it meant taking this fight to the other side of the Globe and so after a year and a half of planning, we infiltrated not one, not two, not three, but four different scam call centers.

We released cockroaches smoke, bombs, stink, bombs, glitter bombs and then, of course, we hacked their cctv. So we could watch the whole thing unfold in real time, so buckle up, because this is the wild conclusion to this multinational adventure and please watch to the end, because there's something you can actually do to help put the nail in the coffin of these four massive Call centers now: why would we go after this 20 billion scam industry? Well, we're doing it for the 60 million people who've lost money to scammers in the past year, but more specifically, we're doing it for bessie, who you might recall from my previous video when i detailed exactly how one of these scams worked. You're, like my granny, miss bessie, do you know this? Yes, she was like one of my closest for i used to share each and everything with her basically starts with an email or a spam call. Then they pretend to be amazon or microsoft and they tell the victim they've been charged 200 for something.

But if you call back, you could dispute the charge then after they call they eventually get on the victim's computer and importantly, have the victim type. The 200 refund amount into a bogus form. Please enter your refund amount. Only they take over and secretly type the amount of twenty thousand dollars, and then they hit enter real quick check everything.

Is it correct? Oh no! This is a mistake. Oh i screwed up jesus. I'm it was supposed to be a 200 in there, oh god almighty, i'm exhausted. I can't do this.

My mind is absolutely fried. Please check your account. Did you really receive that money in your account, then they take her to a totally fake spoofed bank account page where it looks like because of bessie's mistake. They just sent her twenty thousand dollars instead of two hundred - oh, my god, plus twenty thousand yeah.

Please save my job ma'am. If i'll not earn for my family, my family will die due to hunger due to starvation. Yes, of course i mean what should i do. I mean i can be bad for you.

You are also like my grandmother. You know i'm an honest person right now. You are making me cry now: you're, i'm getting attached to you. How do i fix this, and now you can see how he's weaponized her empathy now to fix her mistake, how she'd be willing to go to the bank and withdraw what she thinks is an extra 20 000 in cash when in reality, it's 20 000 of her Hard-Earned savings and she's gon na send it in the mail to a heartless scammer.
Now in case you think, they've gotten a lot nicer over the last year. Here's another call from a few weeks ago, where the scam is to pretend they're from the government and there's some missing taxes that are owed. I i just retired. As i say last february, and then i was diagnosed with breast cancer in august, so my retirement hasn't been very good.

So far and after today i know it's not your fault, but it's worse now, oh um um. I would rather just pay it otherwise i'll be worrying about it and it i'll be worse. In my health, you know what to me like, or even if i have to pay it in two halves, so the scammer places her on hold to talk with the authorities and to see, if there's just something that could be done to help her out. Thank you.

So much for holding the line ma'am, i just had a word with the hair authorities and i informed them about your situation and they are also concerned about your health so concerned. In fact, she'll only have to send these scammers two thousand dollars. Actual amount found out missing in the taxes is 1489.. Now last year's operation was effective in getting a handful of people involved in this scam not only covered in glitter but also arrested, but the problem was we discovered.

These were just the low-level mules and supervisors, who would then send the bulk of the money back to the actual scammers in india. And while we did turn over all the intel, we gathered to the five major government agencies that reached out to us to truly avenge bessie. Our goal was to take our glitter all the way to the top and either temporarily, disrupt or possibly even permanently shut down. A few of these terrible call, centers it'd, be like a special operation and every special operation needs a special ops team, a target and a plan for the team.

I turn back to my good friend, jim browning, who you recall from last year, has a youtube channel that specializes in reversing the connection to the scammers computers and gaining access to their cctv footage. When is there anything else you want to ask yeah, i want to know why you scam people and then another youtube channel called trilogy. Media would be the boots on the ground in india, implementing the pranks, but more on them later for the target. Together, we were able to locate and gather tons of incriminating information on four different scam call centers.

For starters, there's met technologies located in kolkata india. On the fifth floor of this building, they've been in operation over 12 years and they've got over a thousand agents. Their owner is mr kunal gupta, and you can even see the rest of their leadership team here on their public website and you might ask. Why would a scam call center have a public website and the answer is they all do because they have a very small percentage of their employees? Do legitimate call center work, so if they get raided by the authorities, they can point to that small group and say their hands are clean.
While the real money making operation runs here behind a secure door, then we found vrm also located in kolkata. On the 12th floor of this building, they also have over 1 000 agents and they've been in operation for six years, and they run 24 hours a day in three shifts to target people in time zones all across the globe. Oh and allow me to introduce to the world rajesh and vidya goenka, the husband and wife co-owners next was anch info solutions on the fifth floor of this building. They also run three shifts 24 hours a day and they've been up and running for 11 years.

With all their key info shown here, they're located just a block away from vrm. In fact, all three of these centers were located within just a few miles of each other here in kolkata, india, which is a hot spot for scam, call centers like this, and finally, there was one more relocated, but we're not releasing public information on them yet and You'll see why in just a little bit, and so once we'd amassed mountains of evidence against all four of them. Thanks to jim's handiwork, we hired 10 private investigator types to apply for jobs at each of these centers and after a few weeks, we had them all in place now, in order for them not to arouse suspicion, they had to legitimately scam some people, but we told Them to remember the victim's information and then we would reach out and double any money that was lost and at first one of our agents in the vrm call center, went against protocol and used his phone to capture some footage for us of the bathrooms and the Server rack and um whatever this is, but they must have seen him filming with his phone on their cctv, because the next day some of the security team showed up at his house now. Luckily, his roommate knew to lie and say he wasn't home and he was able to escape through the back alley, but they stayed out in front of his house all day and later sent.

This message saying the director wanted to speak with him and they would pay him handsomely and of course he didn't need to be scared. They were just simply curious what kind of evidence he'd gathered against them already. So from that point on, we reiterated to the remaining nine to lay really low, like a sleeper cell, until we were ready to activate the plan and speaking of the plan, now that we saw what we were up against, we knew we'd have to go full james Bond q mode with some high-tech gadgetry that could make it past security, which is why this first prank is just a water bottle kind of i mean it can function as a normal water bottle. But if you unscrew just this portion of the lid, it reveals a trough and if you put military-grade putrid smelling stuff in that trough and then screw the lid back on fully.
It creates a perfect seal and you can't smell anything. But then, at the exact precise moment you want to release a cloud of death. You just twist the lid like this, allowing the smell to escape through these holes and fill the room and we're using a water bottle. Because from looking at the cctv footage, we know they allow them to have water bottles at their desks, so they'll be able to sneak them.

Past security, plus no one's going to suspect that's the origin of the smell next up, if you take some hand, soap and add just a few drops of the same kitchen grade food coloring, we used on the devil's toothpaste explosion. Then, when you wash your hands, it will leave them stained for at least a day, we'll leave this in the bathroom and as a bonus, we'll learn exactly who does and doesn't wash their hands this next one is the most simple, but also perhaps the most effective. You take a box of sudafed and then print out and paste on some of these labels and convert it to a box of viagra. Then importantly, you add the name of the boss of the scam call center to the box like it's his prescription, and then you leave it in the bathroom next to your blue soap.

Next up is that custom built box that can store cockroaches in it. So, after a predetermined time delay, the microcontroller will trigger the stepper motor, which causes the wall to slide along this ball screw. That means, if you disguise it in a lunchbox, then nothing happens until the timer expires and then suddenly you get a bunch of cockroaches crawling out of a lunchbox. Although you could put more than just cockroaches in here and some other ideas, we had were bees, because we heard india has some species that don't actually sting as well as possibly rats, because we already knew from looking at their security footage that once released the rats Can make themselves right at home and using a lunchbox for camouflage is once again a strategic choice because we already knew from our recon work.

They always make it past security, because no one actually checks what's inside next up, i love the idea of the chaos that could result if we set off a smoke bomb, but we were concerned that might be crossing a line if the room was too small because, Like the glitter bombs, i want everything i do to be exciting, but at the end of the day, relatively harmless, so instead we found these micro foggers that are basically like massive vape pens. We also noticed motorcycle helmets were allowed onto the floor and passed security. So the plan was to put it inside a helmet like this, and then it would also detonate itself based on a timer and finally, as the pa stay resistance. We're gon na deliver them a package.
Only this isn't an ordinary package, it's glitter bomb 4.0, which of course, as we all know, is equipped with a pound of the world's finest glitter and an uncharitable amount of fart spray. I still smell it, and so now that our team target and plan were in place after one and a half years of prep work, it was time to avenge bessie and execute the special operation step. One was getting the trilogy media guys all the way over to india, with all the contraptions stored securely in their luggage. My guys stepping foot on indian soil now safely on the ground step two was to go pick up.

Those stingless bees that we could put in the lunch box, but once they'd arrived to the beekeeper they found out, you can't just take a few bees, but you have to take the whole hive in the car. Dude no they're gon na get out, i'm not afraid. Also, apparently, there's no such thing as stingless bees, oh my god, so we punted on that idea and headed to an open air market where we could at least secure some rats by the way the trilogy media youtube channel is composed of ashton who's, a former magician And art who played professional basketball in russia for eight years, they're, just an incredible duo and speaking of incredible things. This is a good time to point out that the real people of india were just so freaking lovely.

It's true that nearly every scam call you get originates from that country, but everyone in india hates these scammers too. They are a tiny, tiny fraction of the total population and no one wants to be defined by the worst in their midst. Most people we interacted with there had hearts more like johnny who's, an honorary member of the team and a reformed scammer who's made it his life's mission to do whatever he can to take these guys down. Even if that means working some back channels to get our hands on 100 cockroaches, all right, let's go so the kids procured.

It was time to meet up with our sleeper agents of the hotel to do some final prep on the contraptions, which went about as well as expected. Seriously, though, are we going to test it right here right here in the bathroom in 1617, yeah no get them in get in. Oh man, more than a mirror, okay pause accounted for right. Everyone.

I swear. I would not let you down. We decided the first call center we'd hit would be anch and we were feeling optimistic about our chances and that's exactly when our special operation received its first major blow. So apparently, there's this whatsapp group that 55 000 scammers all across india belong to.

So the different scam call centers can communicate with each other and because johnny was still a member of this group from his former days. He saw this message pop up. Two of us in the town of kolkata have seen cuss word trilogy people we followed them, but the driver drove the car very fast to the salt lake side. There was two indians with them and they were shooting a movie.
So apparently, some scammers had recognized art and ashton at the market, as the trilogy media youtube guys because they've confronted a lot of scammers in their five years of making videos. Now, thankfully, just out of habit johnny was driving in a way that would make it hard for anyone to tell them, but they still were able to pinpoint their hotel location within about a half a mile. But then it got much worse might be. They are working with the fbi, so i request all of our brothers to have an eye in salt lake.

So whenever you see them, you shoot them, which was super devastating, because it seemed pretty clear to me that we'd have to scrap the whole operation, because while the mission was important, it definitely wasn't worth anyone getting hurt. But when i brought this up to the guys, they'd already discussed it amongst themselves and decided this was a cause. They were passionate about that they were willing to accept some risks. So we decided moving forward.

Arden ashton wouldn't step afoot outside their hotel room and that's when the second major blow came because apparently the group text warning spooked the call scam center so much. They just changed up everyone's assignments and they were planning on moving all three of our sleeper agents to a new floor where there was no cctv coverage. But this is where we had a stroke of luck, because the last minute johnny thought to have another one of his reformed. Scammer friends apply for a job and because he had so much experience on his resume.

They hired him on the spot and gave him a more highly trusted role, which meant he could be the one to smuggle in all our gadgets, and so with that he loaded up headed in for battle and an hour later, we had a man on the inside And by the way, now that we're inside i'll give you a very quick crash course on what we've learned about how these scam centers operate after watching them for so long, first of all, 90 of the victims are 65 years old or above i don't understand that. I don't understand all of this: they really only make calls during the us working day hours and not on the weekends, because that maximizes their chance, the person who picks up will be retired. This is why you never get scam calls on sunday. They don't have anyone even working the phones.

In fact, many of them have an auto dial prompt that says: press 1, if you're over 65 years old, and if you press anything else, it just hangs up the most common scam is the amazon refund scam, but they also pretend to be microsoft: mcafee norton antivirus, The irs and your bank, and on and on it's always changing, but it's also always something you've heard of to try and build trust right out of the gate. If you want to know how much they make well, that information, unfortunately, is securely held on the boss's computer, so we can't get to it. Although i suppose, if you had access to the internal cameras, you could just watch the boss type his password and then you'd be able to access their master tracking spreadsheets, which is what we did and how we know. These large call centers make sixty thousand dollars per day.
That's 18 million dollars a year. An opener will take the initial calls and they make an average of seven thousand dollars a month. Then, if they keep the victim on the phone long enough, they hand it over. To a closer and they make on average fifteen thousand dollars a month, they never say the word scam or victim instead referring to them as sales and customers.

That way they just seem more like a normal office. Although what i think does that job more convincingly are all the walls plastered with inspirational corporate words like synergy or management or process. So that's your crash course on how they operate and the ftc has put out a list of four signs to help spot a scam and four things you can do to protect against them and i'll link to it in the video description and so now. Without further ado, we kicked things off with the stink bomb water bottle and while that was marinating, he went to the bathroom and dropped off the hand, soap and the special medication, with the boss's name written on the front, and it didn't take long for us to Get our first hit on the smell.

What was great, though, is they all kind of covered, their noses subtly in silence, so the people next to them wouldn't feel accused well, for the most part, then, a few minutes later we had our first bathroom customer who clearly doesn't wash our hands after using the Restroom but then we had a second chance with an apparently more hygienic scammer, and this time we struck paydirt, as he comes out, trying to figure out what the heck just happened and five minutes later, you could see him still trying to work it out and not Long after that, we got our first mention of the special package in the bathroom, the audio cut out here, but our agent told us they were laughing and wondering how the boss could possibly leave that lying around, although it certainly doesn't feel too far off brand. Given he uses this as his profile pic on facebook and at this point, our age in place and then trigger the time, delay countdown on the cockroach rat and smoke bomb traps, so he can now safely make his getaway. Oh you, okay, yeah, you're, safe yeah. I thought they were just following me and since they of course, have no idea what's about to happen, they're still just casually talking about the bathroom and then a few moments later.

The first boxes must have triggered because this guy notices a cockroach and nopes his way out of there and then he's quickly followed by the second dude. And i love it because now you just randomly see cockroaches start coming in frame and so now that they know what they're up against. They call him the reinforcements with a mop. But it looks like he missed one or two or three actually four scratch that five and then is it perfectly on cue right as the mop guy finishes his clean up.
The smoke begins. This causes quite a commotion and draws quite a crowd and it takes them. A while, but they're, eventually able to pinpoint the source of the smoke and gingerly take it off the premises followed soon thereafter by our rap friends - and this is possibly my favorite clip of the whole night, where you see a cockroach lead the way and wander all Around as they argue and try and make sense of what the world is possibly happening, and by this point you can tell the boss is pretty sure they're under attack, but just to remove any sense of doubt. We sent them one final package and they almost opened it right there, but i guess with everything else that had already happened so far that night they took it downstairs, and then this happened yeah in fact, there's four of them and they're uploading.

This footage to the cloud five four three two one activation complete recovery sequence initiated mmm. So after our incredibly successful special operation, we waited to see what the response would be and we didn't have to wait long. Yesterday, those cuss words sent on solutions, a package bomb and it exploded, and there was a bad smell and sprinkler water or whatever it was. These guys are playing good with us, i'm reminding you guys they must be in between us.

We don't even know, and now we had them because they were paranoid and they didn't know which of their employees might have been compromised check. The lunch boxes pocket bags shoes ladies purse as well even check the water, whether there's some color mixed in it. I assume he's referring to the soap dye here, but be cautious guys seriously. They came to bad word all of us and they are still trying to bust us.

After that, there were a few more death threats, so we didn't think it was safe enough to launch our attacks on the other three centers to try and get them shut down. But the beautiful thing is, we didn't have to big centers in kolkata and delhi are closed from today, as well as monday. As per the information i got from all my friends, we had created enough confusion and mass panic that not only did the other three centers get shut down, but we got all the large scam centers all across india, shut down for a few days too, and if You add it up. That means those tiny cockroaches stopped two million dollars from going from the victims to the scumbags, and i would say that's the perfect ending, but it actually gets even a little better.

Once ashton and art were safely back home on american soil, they decided to troll that text group with those 55 000 scammers by uploading. This gem to the chat, surprise, surprise scammers, martin ashton, over here, no matter how many numbers you remove from this group, we're still watching not only that we've also downloaded every single person's contact information - all 57 000 of them inside this group we have every single one Of those contact information we're submitting it to the fbi in the united states and the cbi here in india, so you guys better run and you better watch out. And so, if you want to see how quickly the scammers started removing themselves from the chat group as well as a lot more details of all their work on the ground over in india, you should go check out their video and not surprisingly, anche and the other Scam call centers eventually open back up, albeit this time, with much tighter security, but they still didn't and still don't realize, probably till this moment that we have access to their live camera feeds so jim improvised a bit calling them out by their real names without giving Away the fact he was just looking at them on the camera yeah hi, sir. My name is carolina fernandez.
I am calling you from the microsoft. Oh hi, priya hi, who are you i'm a ghost yeah? I don't know my father's name. I don't know, but is your father, proud of you what you do? Does he think you work for microsoft? Yes, of course, but you don't work for microsoft. Did you tell him that? Well, i tell you one more name.

Yes, sweeney at least talk to me, hello. He also managed to change the way their voices sound when they would do outbound calls to their potential victims. Who are you may know i'll stay with you? Who are you you're speaking very strangely? What's up so to see a lot more of that quality entertainment? You should go check out his video, so after all that we're sort of in a good news, bad news situation here. The good news is that, because of some developments, we've been involved in the fourth center here is gon na be raided by the authorities in india and shut down very very soon.

The bad news is that these other three are still very operational and for reasons i can't say here we don't have the same option to get them shut down like we do on the fourth one. Now you might ask why not just privately reach out to the proper authorities in kolkata, where these three call centers are located, and the answer is, that's been tried before and it didn't work. While there are many good apples, there are a few bad apples that prevent anything from happening to these guys. So where does that leave us? Well, as they say, sunshine is a great disinfectant, and here's where you come in.

We've invested a lot of resources and time and tried to make this video as entertaining as possible in the hopes that you'll consider sharing it for two reasons: number one: the more people are aware of how these scams work, the less effective they become and they lose Their power, so please share it, especially with your older loved ones and number two, the more people that see this video and learn about these three specific call centers, the more the press will pick it up, especially in india, heck tweet, our videos to the kolkata police. This helps out the good apples, because the bad ones can't just sweep all the evidence under the rug or quietly tip off the scam center bosses. The press and public can hold them accountable. We've seen this tactic work successfully in the past and we have mountains of evidence against all these scam centers.
If you are with the press or law enforcement agency, send us an email to call center evidence pack, and we'll share everything we have with you. If you combine them, these three centers have been in operation an astounding 29 years and they're still scamming people of their life savings to this day. Even right now, as we release this video, so let's see what we can do and, depending on exactly what happens, i'll, either post a follow-up video here on my youtube channel or on my other social channels so subscribe and all that stuff. If you want to stay in the loop, glitter bombs and cockroaches are just harmless entertainment, but our best chance of working together to shut these guys down for good is by shining a light to foster some accountability.

Thanks for your help, now, let's make bessie proud. I want to thank nordvpn for their support on this video. I've been using their service myself for over three years now, because they really are the best at this with nord, you can surf the web anonymously, your location stays private and your data is encrypted because, even though i'm not a bad guy with something to hide, i Generate a ton of information online every day, and i prefer that information wasn't sold or used against me in some way. Nord collects in stores absolutely nothing and makes it so others can't either plus, if you're traveling, and you want your exact same internet experience at home.

Like to watch all the shows you're used to it can virtually transport you to nearly 60 different countries. They also have a news service called threat protection which is sort of like an umbrella that protects you from malicious sites, downloads of trackers, even when you're not connected to a vpn. So if you travel or you're just ready to take your privacy more seriously, you can get a two-year plan at a huge discount plus one additional month free by going to mark rover, and the good news is if it's not right for you for any reason. They've got a 30-day money-back guarantee so once again that's nordvpn.comgrover or use the link in the video description.

Thanks for watching and sharing with literally every person, you've ever met or ever will meet and let's get these punks shut down.

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